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Under the Red Jack: Privateers of the Maritime Provinces of Canada in the War of 1812
by C. H. J. Snider (Toronto: Musson Book Company, 1928)
ACPL Call Number GC 973.524 AA1SN

Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Log Book No. 1: The Liverpool Packet
Chapter 1: New England's Bane
Chapter 2: The Law's Long Ears
Chapter 3: Too Often to the Well
Chapter 4: The Pitcher Mended
Log Book No. 2: The Dart
Chapter 1: Down the Bay of Fundy
Chapter 2: The King's Birthday
Chapter 3: Off Boston Light
Log Book No. 3: Shaving Mills and Such
Log Book No. 4: One Cruise of the Crown
Log Book No. 5: The Sir John Sherbrooke
Chapter 1: The Teazer Hunt
Chapter 2: The Vanished Commander
Chapter 3: The Sherbrooke and the Shannon
Chapter 4: The Yankee Trader
Chapter 5: The Pride of the Province
Log Book No. 6: A Freeman's Retaliation
Log Book No. 7: Matilda and Loyal Sam
Log Book No. 8: Letters-of-Marque
Chapter 1: "Women and Children First!"
Chapter 2: The Hog-Reeve of the Herald
Chapter 3: Wolves in Harness
Chapter 4: A Brush in the Bay
Log Book No. 9: The Jolly-Boat



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