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A Chaplain's Experience Ashore and Afloat: The Texas Under Fire
by Harry W. Jones (New York.: A. G. Sherwood & Co., c1901)
ACPL Call Number 973.894 J71CH

Title Page
Part I:
I: How I Came to be a Minister
II: Seminary Days and Their Trials
III: My First Pastorate
IV: With the First Baptist Church
V: A Meeting for Men at White Hills
VI: A Fox Caught in His Own Trap
VII: A Visit from My Sister
VIII: Two Peculiar Weddings
IX: As Pastor of the First Baptist Church
X: Brotherly Love
XI: My Dream, and News from Washington
XII: The Close of My Ministry on Shore
Part II:
I: First Orders to Duty
II: Chaplain of the U.S.S. "Texas"
III: My First Cruise
IV: A Bar Harbor, Maine Experience
V: Blowing Up of the "Maine"
VI: Forty-eight Hours' Leave
VII: The Flying Squadron Goes to Sea Under Sealed Orders
VIII: The Going In of the "Merrimac"
IX: Under Fire
X: A Burial Under Fire
XI: Going Over the Mines
XII: Landing of the Army
XIII: Army Failed to Connect
XIV: Destruction of Cervera's Fleet
XV: On the "Saint Louis" with Admiral Cervera
XVI: The Disappointment of My Life
XVII: A Visit to My Mother
XVIII: Renewing Old Acquaintances
XIX: Chaplain of the "Chicago"



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