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Our Gallant Volunteers: 28th Light Battery Indiana Volunteers
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List of Names on Poster
Alderman Frank W. 1st Lieutenant Absent from photograph
Aldrich George B. Private Photo
Backes William H. Private Absent from photograph
Banks Harvey S. Private Hospital
Barr Frank J. Corporal Photo
Bartels John F. Private Photo
Bauman Paul Private Hospital
Bedson Percy W. Private Photo
Bierbaum William Private Photo
Blackburn Rad. Private Photo
Blaising Victor H. Private Photo
Bowser Delmore Private Photo
Boyer Merald G. Private Absent from photograph
Bradshaw Frank Private Photo
Bradtmiller Herman Private Photo
Bricker Leslie Private Photo
Briggeman William Corporal Absent from photograph
Brinningsthall Jesse H. Private Photo
Broeking William Private Photo
Browand William A. Private Photo
Brown Archibald Private Absent from photograph
Brown William Private Hospital
Brubacker Oman J. Private Sick
Buck Edwin C. Corporal Absent from photograph
Butler William H. Private Photo
Carle Pearle Private Hospital
Carpenter Silas W. Musician Sick
Carson William B. Private Photo
Caston John C. Sergeant Photo
Christen Andrew F. Corporal Photo
Cleary William C. 1st Lieutenant Absent from photograph
Clink Gustav Private Photo
Coyle Francis J. Corporal Sick furlough
Davies Ormand C. Private Photo
Depner George J. Corporal Photo
Deturk Frank Private Photo
Didion Otto E. Private Photo
Dierkes Edward J. Sergeant Photo
Double Alvin Private Photo
Durfee George T. Vt. Sergeant Photo
Eckart Harry Private Hospital
Eckart Charles J. Private Photo
Edgar Harry B. Private Absent from photograph
Ely Solomon Private Photo
Erickson Richard W. Private Photo
Evans William M. Private Absent from photograph
Fargnhanson Guy O. Private Photo
Fisher Jacob Private Photo
Freese Fred J. Private Absent from photograph
Freese Walter Private Photo
Fromuth John Private Hospital
Furste John Corporal Photo
Geake Charles H. Private Hospital
Geary John J. Private Photo
Gorroll Rollie A. Private Photo
Gouty Elvin C. Private Photo
Grabner Samuel L. Private Photo
Griswold Charles Private Absent from photograph
Gumpper Fred C. Private Absent from photograph
Haak Charles Corporal Photo
Harper John B. Private Hospital
Harrod Morgan Private Photo
Hartman Hugh Private Absent from photograph
Hassenfaus Walter D. Sergeant Hospital
Hazelet John C. Private Photo
Hedekin Bernard Private Photo
Hendrix Fred C. Private Absent from photograph
Hendryx Aylum E. Private Photo
Hensel Frank Artificer Photo
Hewitt Marshall Private Absent from photograph
Hodge Chester J. Private Absent from photograph
Hohnholz Conrad F Private Photo
Hollopeter Herbert Private Hospital
Hollopeter Hiram Private Absent from photograph
Hollopeter Alfred M. Private Photo
Howenstien Chas. Private Hospital
Huefner Paul Private
Jenne Fred C. Sergeant Discharged
Jenness Dayton H. Private Photo
Jocquel Charles L. Private Absent from photograph
Johnson Frank O. Private Photo
Johnson William H. Private Photo
Jones Oliver S. 2nd Lieutenant Photo
Jones John L. Wagoner Photo
Jones George N. Private Absent from photograph
Jully George Private Photo
Kahle Frederick Private Photo
Kariger Joseph Private Photo
Kinsey Frank M. Private Photo
Knecht George Private Photo
Knoll Harry H. Private Photo
Lasher Edgar Private Photo
Lauer Isadore M. Private Absent from photograph
Liggett Phrot C. Private Photo
Lindeman Harry Private Absent from photograph
Lucas Edward M. Private Photo
Luddington James A. Musician Sick
Mahurin Melvin J. Private Photo
Mangason Edward Private Photo
McCullom Harry A. Quartermaster Sgt. Photo
McMiller Andrew Artificer Photo
McNutt Henry F. Artificer Photo
Mennewish William Private Photo
Merrillat Louis F. Private Photo
Meyer Frank J. 1st Sergeant Photo
Meyers Carl O. Private Sick furlough
Miller Willam M. Private Photo
Moriarity Henry C. Private Photo
Motherwell M. Private Absent from photograph
Mungen Charles C. Sergeant Photo
Murphy John H. Corporal Absent from photograph
Murphy George J. Private Photo
Murphy William H. Private Photo
Murphy James Private Photo
Nagel Martin F. Private Absent from photograph
Neimeyer Henry C. Sergeant Photo
Neuman George W. Private Photo
Niehoff Ernest E. Private Absent from photograph
Niehoff Nathaniel J. Private Photo
Nolan Charles D. Private Photo
Noll Clem J. Corporal Photo
North Frank Private Hospital
O'Connell Joseph B. Private Photo
Pettit Joseph E. Private Photo
Rabel George Private Hospital
Ranke Willam F. Captain Photo
Ranney Fred W. Private Photo
Raypole Edward W. Private Photo
Redelshiemer A. Private Sick
Reese Frank W. Private Photo
Reinking Frank J. Private Photo
Richie Burt L. Private Photo
Rogers William C. Corporal Photo
Schafer George H. Private Photo
Schaffer Frank Private Photo
Scheffer John C. Corporal Photo
Schied George A. Private Photo
Schroeder Herman Private Absent from photograph
Seaman Joseph B. Private Photo
Sheppard Thomas Private Absent from photograph
Sherbondy Frank Private Photo
Shreve Charles B. Private Absent from photograph
Smith Deloss W. Private Photo
Smith Joseph B. Private Photo
Smith Thomas C. Private Photo
Snowberger Clyde Sergeant Photo
Snyder Jesse Private Photo
Soest Charles L. Private Absent from photograph
Southard Roy Private Photo
Sovine Fred A. Private Hospital
Stokes Halle D. Private Absent from photograph
Strouse David W. Artificer Photo
Studebaker D. E. Private Hospital
Sullivan Joseph Private Absent from photograph
Surfus Jerry Private Photo
Suter Arthur Private Photo
Swank Stephen Private Photo
Swift Kennet Private Photo
Thiebolt Fred W. Private Hospital
Tillbury Royal Private Photo
Vondermark J. F. Corporal Sick furlough
Walsh Patrick H. Private Absent from photograph
Walters Fred Private Sick furlough
Webster Christ O. Private Photo
Wefel Edward Private Photo
Wehrmeister George W. Private Photo
Weller Christ C. Private Photo
White Charles S. S. Private Photo
Whiteleather C. F. Corporal Hospital
Wilcox George H. Private Absent from photograph
Wilson Richard Artificer Photo
Wright Martin Private Absent from photograph
Young Harry J. Private Photo
Zimmerman Paul Private Hospital
Zollinger George W. Corporal Photo
Zollinger H. A. Private Hospital
Zuber Jacob Private Photo