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An Account of a Part of the Sufferings and Losses of Jolley Allen, a Native of London
To Provide for the Common Defense: Alexander Hamilton
Honor Roll of Massachusetts Patriots Heretofore Unknown: Being a List of Men and Women Who Loaned Money to the Federal Government During the Years 1777-1779
James Thompson (1747-1818)
John Paul Jones Commemoration at Annapolis, April 24, 1906
To Provide for the Common Defense: Nicholas Gilman
Private David Randol (1765-1835): Revolutionary War Veteran
Private Henry Shideler, Sr. (1744-1830): Captain Miar's Company, 5th Pennsylvania Battalion, Revolutionary War Militia
To Provide for the Common Defense: Richard Bassett
To Provide for the Common Defense: Richard Dobbs Spaight
To Provide for the Common Defense: Rufus King
Yale and Her Honor Roll in the American Revolution, 1775-1783 Including Original Letters, Records of Service, and Biographical Sketches
Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
General Works
The American Revolution: A Selected Reading List
Marines in the Revolution: A History of the Continental Marines in the American Revolution, 1775-1783
Blair, John, Massachusetts Infantry
Blizard, John, Revolutionary War Patriot, Virginia
Burnett, Williamson, Private of Virginia
Crytser, John, 7th Virginia Regiment
Dowden, James, Maryland Line
Dowden, Zepheniah, Montgomery County Militia, Maryland
Dunham, Dennis, Capt. Anderson's Company, Maryland
Hutchins, John, Revolutionary War Patriot, Virginia
Hutchins, Strangeman, Revolutionary War Patriot, Virginia
Johnstone, Peter, 8th Pennsylvania Regiment
Karr, James, 7th Virginia Regiment
Koons, Devault, Northampton County Militia, Pennsylvania
Krick, Johannes, Capt. Joseph Bowman's Company, Virginia
Lawson, William, Montgomery County Militia, Virginia
Meason, John, 3rd Battalion, Westmoreland County Militia, Pennsylvania
Moody, William, Fluvanna Militia
Patee, Eliphalet, Massachusetts
Pattee, Edmond, 7th Massachusetts
Penrod, David, Revolutionary War Patriot, Pennsylvania
Ricketts, Cheney, Bedford County Militia, Pennsylvania
Satterlee, Nathaniel, Revolutionary War Patriot, New York
Taylor, Moses, Albemarle Guards, Virginia
Vickrey, Marmaduke, Revolutionary War Patriot, North Carolina
Wayne, Gen. Anthony
Post-war Activities and Lineage Societies
Daughters of the Revolution Magazine
Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Register for Nineteen Hundred and Eight with Roll of Members and Their Revolutionary Ancestors and Other Information of Interest to the Society
Manual of the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1900-1910 Inclusive
North Riding Chapter (NY), National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 10th Anniversary, 1940
Register of Members of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the Commonweath of Indiana
Register of the District of Columbia Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1896
The Sons of the American Revolution: New York State Society, 1893-94
Year Book of the Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1898
Year Book of the Oregon Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1903
Year Book, Kentucky Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1896
Unit Histories and Rosters
Colonel James Scamman's 30th Regiment of Foot. Also Captain Johnson Moulton's Company
Complete Roster of Colonel David Waterbury Jr.'s Regiment of Connecticut Volunteers: The First Regiment of Infantry Responding to a Call for Volunteers for the Defence of New York City Against the British in the American Revolution
History of Colonel Edmund Phinney's Thirty-first Regiment of Foot
A List of Officers of the Illinois Regiment, and of Crockett's Regiment, Who Have Received Land for Their Services
Revolutionary War Veterans and Patriots, Caldwell County, Kentucky
Battles and War
The Annapolis Convention
Colonials and Patriots: Historic Places Commemorating Our Forebears, 1700-1783, Vol. VI
Constant Defender: The Story of Fort Moultrie
Mud & Guts: A Look at the Common Soldier of the American Revolution
Valley Forge Orderly Book of General George Weedon of the Continental Army Under Command of Genl. George Washington