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U.S.S. Jacob Jones Post No. 2, Washington, DC

World War I was the first time women were ever enlisted in the service of their country, and as a consequence, were entitled to membership in veterans' organizations. The number of Yeoman (F) at this time was near 10,730. On May 20, 1919, Colonel E. Lester Jones received a petition from twenty (20) of the enlisted women of the United States Naval Reserve Force for a charter to organize a Post to be known as the "Betsy Ross Post No. 1" composed entirely of Yeoman (F) of the U. S. Navy. In October of 1919 a new charter was granted to the "Betsy Ross Post No. 1" by the National Executive Committee, to change its name to U. S. S. Jacob Jones Post No. 2 of the American Legion. The name was chosen in commemoration of the Destroyer Jacob Jones, the only United States destroyer torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in the war.

Membership Records
History of the Post, 1919-1939
41st Annual History (1959-1960)
Photo Album #1
Charlotte Berry Winters Photo Album
Scrapbook (1979-1981)