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The Black Hawk War, Including a Review of Black Hawk's Life

by Frank E. Stevens. (Chicago, Ill.: Frank E. Stevens, 1903). ACPL Call Number 973.562 ST4.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter I: Birth, Personal Description and Character of Black Hawk
Chapter II: British Intrigue Against the Frontiers
Chapter III: Treaty of 1804 and Black Hawk's Version
Chapter IV: Treaty of 1804
Chapter V: Erection of Fort Madison
Chapter VI: Black Hawk Enlists with the British
Chapter VII: Expedition of Gov. Clark to Prairie du Chien
Chapter VIII: Major Taylor's Battle
Chapter IX: Treaty of Portage des Sioux, 1815
Chapter X: Fort Armstrong built
Chapter XI: Treaties of 1822-4-5
Chapter XII: The Military Tract.
Chapter XIII: Council
Chapter XIV: Unrest
Chapter XV: Ne-a-pope's Mission
Chapter XVI: Council
Chapter XVII: The Militia Moves to Rock River
Chapter XVIII: Roster
Chapter XIX: Dixon's Ferry
Chapter XX: Call for Additional Troops
Chapter XXI: Atkinson Moves up Rock River
Chapter XXII: General Panic
Chapter XXIII: Various Illinois Murders
Chapter XXIV: Atkinson's March to Mouth of Fox River
Chapter XXV: Capt. Snyder's Battle
Chapter XXVI: Attack on Apple River Fort
Chapter XXVII: Organization of Forces at Ft. Wilbourn
Chapter XXVIII: March to Dixon's Ferry
Chapter XXIX: Murders Near Ottawa
Chapter XXX: Consolidation of the Divisions
Chapter XXXI: Ft. Winnebago Reached
Chapter XXXII: Pursuit Resumed
Chapter XXXIII: Throckmorton's Narrative
Chapter XXXIV: Stambaugh's Expedition
Chapter XXXV: Examination of the Indians
Chapter XXXVI: Scott's Expedition
Chapter XXXVII: Movements of the Michigan Militia
Chapter XXXVIII: Prison Life
Chapter XXXIX: Second Trip East
Appendix: Abraham Lincoln in the Black Hawk War
Appendix: Jefferson Davis in the Black Hawk War



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