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Woman's Work in the Civil War: A Record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience
by L. P. Brockett (Boston, Mass.: Zeigler, McCurdy & Co., 1867)
ACPL Call Number 973.7 B78W

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Contents: Part II: Ladies Who Ministered to the Sick and Wounded in Camp, Field, and General Hospitals
Clara Harlowe Barton
Helen Louise Gilson
Mrs. John Harris
Mrs. Eliza C. Porter
Mrs. Mary A. Bickerdyke
Margaret Elizabeth Breckinridge
Mrs. Stephen Barker
Amy M. Bradley
Mrs. Arabella Griffith Barlow
Mrs. Nellie Maria Taylor
Mrs. Adaline Tyler
Mrs. William H. Holstein
Mrs. Cordelia A. P. Harvey
Mrs. Sarah R. Johnston
Emily E. Parsons
Mrs. Almira Fales
Cornelia Hancock
Mrs. Mary Morris Husband
The Hospital Transport Service
Other Labors of Some Members of the Hospital Transport Corps
Katherine Prescott Wormeley
The Misses Woolsey
Anna Maria Ross
Mrs. G. T. M. Davis
Mary J. Safford
Mrs. Lydia G. Parrish
Mrs. Annie Wittenmeyer
Melcenia Elliott
Mary Dwight Pettes
Louisa Maertz
Mrs. Harriet E. Colfax
Clara Davis
Mrs. R. H. Spencer
Mrs. Harriet Foote Hawley
Ellen E. Mitchell
Jessie Home
Miss Vance and Miss Blackmar
H. A. Dada and S. E. Hall
Mrs. Sarah P. Edson
Maria M. C. Hall
Hospital Corps at the Naval Academy
Other Labors of Some of the Annapolis Hospital Corps
Mrs. A. H. and Miss S. H. Gibbons
Mrs. E. J. Russell
Mrs. Mary W. Lee
Cornelia M. Tompkins
Mrs. Anna C. McMeens
Mrs. Jerusha R. Small
Mrs. S. A. Martha Canfield
Mrs. Thomas and Miss Morris
Mrs. Shepard Wells
Mrs. E. C. Witherell
Phebe Allen
Mrs. Edwin Greble
Mrs. Isabella Fogg
Mrs. E. E. George
Mrs. Charlotte E. McKay
Mrs. Fanny L. Ricketts
Mrs. John S. Phelps
Mrs. Jane R. Munsell



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