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Francis Marion Sisson, Jacob Gould, Orin Gould in the American Civil War

by Albert E. Sisson. (2015).

This copyrighted resource is being provided here through the generosity of the author, Albert E. Sisson of Columbus, Indiana. No part of this work may be further copied or reproduced in any way without the written permission of the author.

Front Cover
Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter I: Life, Technology and Family Members Before the War
Chapter II: Lydia Gould - 1862
Chapter III: Francis M. Sisson - 1862-1863
Chapter IV: Jacob and Orin Gould - 1862-1863
Chapter V: Francis M. Sisson - 1864
Chapter VI: The Hospital
Chapter VII: The War Ends
Chapter VIII: Lydia (Gould) Cuyle After the War
Chapter IX: Francis M. Sisson After the War
Chapter X: George H. Sisson's Draft Commutation



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