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1 Adolph Fischer spent his working life as a school teacher in the Missouri Synod Lutheran School System. He graduated from River Forrest Teachers College in Chicago, Ill. He taught at St. John Lutheran School in Defiance, Oh., St. James Lutheran School in Logansport, In., and St. Luke in Cleveland, Oh. He retired after 40 years of teaching. After retirement, he and his wife moved to Defiance, Oh. where he lived until his death. Fischer, Adolph Henry (I221)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I303)
3 Died from tuberculosis of the lungs. Nichols, Emma Belle (I278)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1)
5 First name also shown as Fanna and Fiana Sheidler, Fannie (I30)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I302)
7 Information found in the 1870 Census. Marsailles Twp, Ohio
Information obtained from the 1880 Census. Names recorded incorrectly under the name of Robinson. Grandmothers name incorrectly shown as Adelma.
Death information varified through Ohio Death Records. 
Robison, James W. (I120)
8 Martin Fischer was known as "Marty"to most people. Marty pursued the art of drawing when he was a young boy and this developed into his desire to draw pictures to make an animated motion picture. During Marty's high school years he studied and developed the ability to understand this photographic skill to the point of creating his own amateur movie. This was shown at a national art festival and was honored with an award. Marty further pursued this skill as he went into college and was on a trip to purchase movie equipment when his life was suddenly ended in an auto accident. In memory of Marty, his parents funded the Martin Fischer Foundation which annually awards a scholarship to a graduate of Concordia High School in Fort Wayne, In. who wishes to pursue a college education in the Arts. A documentary called "On The Waterways" was produced in memory of Marty as it was one of his goals prior to the accident. It was shown for a number of years over National PBS television stations. During Marty's high school years, he also became interested in the Fischer genealogy and along with his father made a trip to Germany to obtain as much information as possible about his German heritage. This information became the basis for this present genealogy report. Fischer, Martin Paul (I149)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2)
10 Not sure of parentage as information was given to support a Stuart Adams. (Spelling and approximate date of birth of Stuart are different than Stewart Adams) Family F2910
11 Paul Fischer lived the first 21 years of his life in Defiance, Ohio. His primary education was obtained at St. John Lutheran School in Defiance, Oh. and he graduated from Defiance High School in 1954. In the fall of 1954, Paul entered Defiance College in Defiance, Oh. to pursue a degree in business. Paul transferred to Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Oh for his second year of college and graduated from Bowling Green in 1958 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Finance. Upon graduation, Paul took a job with the CPA firm of Scovel, Wellington & Co, as a junior account, in their Cleveland, Ohio office. While there, he passed his test to become a C.P.A. Paul's employer merged into the national firm of Ernst & Ernst and Paul was transferred to their Fort Wayne office to work with their national client, Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. This job would serve him until he was offered a job with Lincoln National Life Insurance to help set up their tax department. Paul stayed with Lincoln for a few years until he decided to venture out on his own as a Venture Capitalist. This preclude a long career of buying and selling companies for himself and others which resulted in a sizeable accumulation of wealth for Paul and his family. Paul was gracious with his wealth in providing for the needs of others and in establishing the Martin Fischer foundation in memory of his second son Martin, who died in an auto accident, and Martin's desire to be involved in the Arts. This foundation was folded into the Concordia High School Foundation in Fort Wayne, In. with a yearly scholarship being awarded to a Concordia High School graduate who wished to pursue a college education in the humanities. Fischer, Paul Frederick (I8)
12 Per Social Security Records Toensing, Claretta J. (I192)
13 Per Social Security Records Toensing, Claretta J. (I192)
14 Waldemar's early years were spent growing up in Logansport, In. In his teen years, he moved with his family to Cleveland, Oh. Due to the depression Waldemar did not finish high school but instead worked to supplement the family income. Waldemar was nick named "Wad" at some point in his early years. Wad became interested in percussion instruments and played the drums and xylophone in his early adult years. Wad also became interested in short wave radio early in its infancy and built his own short wave radio with which he corresponded with other hams around the world. Due to his interest in radio and with family attachments in Defiance, Ohio Wad and his wife and son moved to Defiance as he took employment with a radio related industry which built parts for the radio industry. Wad worked for that company in various positions until they decided to move their business out of the country to Mexico. Wad was very active in his church and choir and enjoyed outside work at his home. Fischer, Waldemar Karl (I6)
15 Wilhelm Ludwig Fischer was the sixth in a family of 12 children. The first fourteen years of his life were spent in his native town of Berleberg, Westphalia, Prussia (Germany). Wilhelm then entered Giessen Gymnasium where he graduated in 1863. After his graduation, he prepared himself for governmental services by the study of law and after completing his preparation he became an official of the circuit court of his native city and later in Rhenish Purria. At the age of 24, he decided to come to America and enter the legal profession in this country. He immigrated to the U.S. in the spring of 1864, he disembarked at Baltimore, Maryland. After passing a few months in that city, he went to Pennsylvania where he was employed as a private tutor until 1869. The year 1870 he spent in study in the theological department of Capitol University, at Columbus, Ohio and in 1872 he was ordained as a minister of the Lutheran Church. His first charge was at Milan, Ripley County, Indiana. But in 1876, he moved to Cape Girardeau county Missouri, where e remained until 1880. He then served in Elkhart, Fulton County, In. until he was called to Napoleon, Ohio in 1884. In addition to Napoleon, he was in charge of the churches in Freedom Township and Flat Rock Township, his parish comprising in all of two hundred eighty five families, In 1898 the parish decided to split into three separate congregations and Pastor Fischer was called to be the Pastor at St. John in Freedom Township. He served there until 1913 when impaired eyesight caused him to resign from active ministry. Pastor Fischer continued to live among the people of his flock and they provided for him during the later years of his life until his death in 1926. (At some time during Pastor Fischer's life, he officially changed his name, Wilhelm Ludwig, to the English translation of William Louis.) Fischer, Wilhelm Ludwig (William Louis) (I125)