Indian Pioneer History Collection

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The Indian-Pioneer Papers oral history collection spans from 1861 to 1936. It includes typescripts of interviews conducted during the 1930s by government workers with thousands of Oklahoma residents regarding settlement in the state and Indian territories, as well as the condition and conduct of life there. Consists of approximately 80,000 entries (Source: U of O).

Index on films IPH 38 A- Haskell IPH 39 Haskell-Z

The oral histories may be accessed at the University of Oklahoma Western History Collection. The INDEX is searchable by surname, place name, or subject.

Western History Collection

Media: 35mm Film
Filed Under: Native American

Item NumberContents
IPH--06Volumes 16-18
IPH-01Volumes 1-3
IPH-02Volumes 4-6
IPH-03Volumes 7-9
IPH-04Volumes 10-12
IPH-05Volumes 13-15
IPH-07Volumes 19-21
IPH-08Volumes 22-24
IPH-09Volumes 25-27
IPH-10Volumes 28-30
IPH-11Volumes 31-33
IPH-12Volumes 34-36
IPH-13Volumes 37-39
IPH-14Volumes 40-42
IPH-15Volumes 43-46 (There is no volumes 45)
IPH-16Volumes 47-49
IPH-17Volumes 50-52
IPH-18Volumes 53-55
IPH-19Volumes 56-58
IPH-20Volumes 59-61
IPH-21Volumes 62-64
IPH-22Volumes 65-67
IPH-23Volumes 68-70
IPH-24Volumes 71-73
IPH-25Volumes 74-76
IPH-26Volumes 77-79
IPH-27Volumes 80-82
IPH-28Volumes 83-85
IPH-29Volumes 86-88
IPH-30Volumes 89-91
IPH-31Volumes 92-94
IPH-32Volumes 95-97
IPH-33Volumes 98-100
IPH-34Volumes 101-103
IPH-35Volumes 104-106
IPH-36Volumes 107-109
IPH-37Volumes 110-113
IPH-38Index - A to Halsell
IPH-39Index - Halsell to Z & Addendum (Index cards found out of order)
IPH-40Addena (Additional interviews not in original collection)

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