Indian Language Collection-Pacific Northwest Tribes

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The first priority of the Jesuit missionaries arriving in the Pacific Northwest was to learn the native languages they encountered. Once fluent in the spoken tongues, they produced dictionaries and grammars and translated biblical and other religious texts.

This collection includes the materials amassed by the Oregon Province Archives on twelve different Indian languages: Assiniboine, Blackfoot-Piegan, Chelan, Coeur d'Alene, Columbia-Moses, Colville, Crow, Gros Ventre, Kalispel, Kootenai, Nez PercÚ, and Yakima.

Arrangement is by language, and all works have been identified by compiler/translator when possible ( Source: Primary Source Media).

Media: 35mm Film
Filed Under: Native American

Item NumberContents
0001Assiniboine - Dictionary, A-Z
0002Assiniboine Dictionary, undated; Catechism & prayers; Religious instructions
0003Crow - Dictionary, words christian to impassable; Word list and words & phrases; Dictionary, Absarokee tongue
0004Crow - Pocket dictionary; Eng.-Crow dictionary; Vocabulary of the Absaroki; Word list & grammar
0005Crow - Grammar & some rules of grammar; Translation of catechism; Bible stories & sermons; Catechism of Cath. religion
0006Crow - Prayers & catechism; History of the Bible; Crow prayers; Catechism of Christian doct.; Crow Indian catechism; Crow Hymn book
0007Blackfeet/Piegan - Vocabulary of Piegan lang.; Dictionary & grammar; Catechism & Bible stories; Catechism of Christian doct. for use of missionaries who labor amongst the Piegans, MT
0008Gros Ventre - English-Aani dictionary; Grammar & elements of lang.
0008Blackfeet/Piegan - Catechism of Christian doct. in Piegan lang.; Hymns & prayers; Prayers in Piegan language about 1890
0009Gros Ventre - Religious texts
0009Nez Perce - Nez Perce-English dictionary; Dictionary of the Numipu or Nez Perce lang. by a missionary
0010Nez Perce - Dictionary of the Numipu or Nez Perce lang. by a missionary; Grammar; Sermons in Nez Perce
0011Nez Perce - Nez Perce or Numipu translations from Life of Jesus Christ accord. to Gospel Hist. by Rev. Maas, S.J.; Sermons & gospels
0012Nez Perce - History of New Test. in Nez Perce; Infernus; Vetus Testamentune; Miskuinekas; Prayers & gospels
0013Yakima - Dictionaries; Grammar & Dict. of Yakima lan.; Catechism-prayers; Sermons; Gospel book; Religious instructions
0013Nez Perce - Indian sermons; Sermons in Nez Perce; Prayers, catechism, hymns in Numipu language; Indian hymn book
0014Chelan - Prayers & catechism; Way of the Cross in Chelan language
0014Coeur D'Alene - Dictionary & grammar; Stations of the Cross; Sunday Gospels in Coeur D'Al.; Religious announcements; Hymns used at Sacred Heart Mission
0014Columbia/Moses - Columbia-English dictionary; Word list of verbs; Prayers & catechism in both Columbia & Moses lang.; Questions for confession-bapt.-marriage
0014Colville - Collville-Eng. dictionary; Words in Colville language; Expressions in Colville language
0015Colville - Word list in Colville; Dictionary & grammar; Prayers & instructions; Questions for confession
0015Kalispel - Dictionary, 2 parts: 1-Kalispel-English; 2-English-Kalispel
0016Kalispel - Dictionary of Selish or Flathead language; Vocabulary to prayers, catechism, & hymns; Grammar; Selish or Flathead grammar; Kalispel Grammaire
0017Kalispel - Kalispel Grammar; Some rules of syntax; Catechism in Kalispel lang.; Catechism
0018Kalispel - Bellarmine's catechism in Kalispel, vol. I & II; Catechism, part I & II
0019Kalispel - Bible narratives; Catechism of Christian doct. in Flathead or Kalispel; Questions for confession; Indian prayers; Bible history & narratives; Sermons & hymns
0020Kalispel - Old Testament narratives; Prayers & hymns; Kalispel catechism in Eng.; Gospels, 3 vol.; Sunday readins; Sermons
0020Kootenai - Dictionaries; Word list & vocabulary
0021Kootenai - Grammar; Kootenai & Kalispel hymns; Catechism, 2 vols; Kootenai writings; Question for confession; Prayers & catechism

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