Applications from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Muskogee Area Office

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This microfilm set contains application files from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Muskogee Area Office, 1896 Dawes Commission. Includes Choctaw, Cherokee (Shawnee and Delaware also), Chickasaw and Creek. No Seminole applications are included.

Contains an INDEX, film #1. The index is an alphabetical listing by surname. The index gives the roll number which is searchable in the microfilms of the series.

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Media: 35mm Film
Filed Under: Native American

Item NumberContents
0002Choctaw applications 1-193
0003Choctaw applications 194-396
0004Choctaw applications 397-588
0005Choctaw applications 589-768
0006Choctaw applications 769-952
0007Choctaw applications 953-1138
0008Choctaw applications 1139-1305
0009Choctaw applications 1306-1419; Choctaw Freedmen - index; Choctaw Freedmen applications 1-39
0010Chickasaw applications 1-150
0011Chickasaw applications 151-285; Chickasaw Freedmen - index; Chickasaw Freedmen applications 1-3
0012Chickasaw Freedmen applications 4-129
0013Choctaw-Chickasaw duplicates, Abels-Cobb, Charley
0014Choctaw-Chickasaw duplicates, Cobb, George S. - Goings
0015Choctaw-Chickasaw duplicates, Goins - Kemp, Emily
0016Choctaw-Chickasaw duplicates, Kemp, Jesse - Nelson
0017Choctaw-Chickasaw duplicates, Nesmith - Spring, Olive A.
0018Choctaw-Chickasaw duplicates, Spring, Sallie - Misc.
0019Creek applications 1-166
0020Creek applications 167 - Misc.
0021Cherokee applications 1-114
0022Cherokee applications 115-261
0023Cherokee applications 262-423
0024Cherokee applications 424-485
0025Cherokee applications 486-681
0026Cherokee applications 682-768
0027Cherokee applications 769-902
0028Cherokee applications 903-1005
0029Cherokee applications 1006-1169
0030Cherokee applications 1170-1461
0031Cherokee applications 1462-1698
0032Cherokee applications 1699-1919
0033Cherokee applications 1920-2154
0034Cherokee applications 2155-2384
0035Cherokee applications 2385-2565
0036Cherokee applications 2566-2705
0037Cherokee applications 2706-2743
0038Cherokee applications 2744-2979
0039Cherokee applications 2980-3099
0040Cherokee applications 3100-3235
0041Cherokee applications 3236-3357
0042Cherokee applications 3358-3515
0043Cherokee applications 3516-3738
0044Cherokee applications 3739-4007
0045Cherokee applications 4008-4243
0046Cherokee applications 4244-4373
0047Cherokee applications 4374-4463
0048Cherokee applications 4464-4622
0049Cherokee applications 4623-4826
0050Cherokee applications 4827-4988
0051Cherokee applications 4989-5175
0052Cherokee applications 5716-5320
0053Cherokee applications 5321-5464
0054Cherokee applications 5465-5574

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