Enrollment Cards of the Five Civilized Tribes 1896-1914

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An Enrollment Card, sometimes referred to by the Dawes Commission as a “census card,” records the information provided by individual applications submitted by members of the same family group or household and includes notation of the actions taken. The information given for each applicant includes name, roll number (individual’s number if enrolled), age, sex, degree of Indian blood, relationship to the head of the family group, parents’ names, and references to enrollment on earlier rolls used by the Commission for verification of eligibility. The card often includes references to kin-related enrollment cards and notations about births, deaths, changes in marital status, and actions taken by the Commission and the Secretary of the Interior.

These cards are categorized by tribe, category within tribe, and Census Card number. To search for the Census Card no. see “Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory (Dawes Rolls).”

Dawes Rolls online INDICES are available to search at the following websites

National Archives Searchable by name. Contains a Tutorial

AccessGenealogy Searchable by name, card, or roll number. Contains a search guide to the Final Rolls

Footnote Searchable by name

Oklahoma Historical Society Search by name, number, or tribal affiliation.

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Item NumberContents
0001Index to the final rolls & final rolls
0002Cherokee by Blood, census card 1-805
0003Cherokee by Blood, census card 806-1645
0004Cherokee by Blood, census card 1646-2461
0005Cherokee by Blood, census card 2462-3293
0006Cherokee by Blood, census card 3294-4027
0007Cherokee by Blood, census card 4028-4847
0008Cherokee by Blood, census card 4848-5661
0009Cherokee by Blood, census card 5662-6303
0010Cherokee by Blood, census card 6304-7140
0011Cherokee by Blood, census card 7141-7691
0012Cherokee by Blood, census card 7962-8794
0013Cherokee by Blood, census card 8795-8634
0014Cherokee by Blood, census card 9635-10461
0015Cherokee by Blood, census card 10462-11132
0016Cherokee Minors by Blood, census card 1-824
0017Cherokee Minors by Blood, census card 825-1582
0018Cherokee Minors by Blood, census card 1583-2331
0019Cherokee Minors by Blood, census card 2332-3034
0020Cherokee Minors by Blood, census card 3035-3684
0021Cherokee Minors by Blood, census card 3685-4005
0022Delaware census card 1-382, D1-D50, R1-R5; Cherokee by Marriage, census card 1-188
0023Cherokee by Marriage, census card 189-288; Cherokee Freedmen, census card 1-382
0024Cherokee Freedmen, census card 383-814
0025Cherokee Freedmen, census card 815-1231
0026Cherokee Freedmen, census card 1232-1595; Cherokee Freedmen Minors, census card 1-93
0027Cherokee Freedmen Minors, census card 94-542; Cherokee census card D1-D267
0028Cherokee census card D268-D1062
0029Cherokee census card D1063-D1879
0030Cherokee census card D1880-D2711
0031Cherokee census card D2712-D3207, R1-R336
0032Cherokee census card R337-R1166
0033Cherokee Freedmen, census card D1-D388
0034Cherokee Freedmen, census card D389-D811
0035Cherokee Freedmen, census card D812-D1225
0036Cherokee Freedmen, census card D1226-D1342; Cherokee Freedmen, census card R1-R304
0037Cherokee Freedmen, census card R305-R730
0038Cherokee Freedmen, census card R731-R1276
0039Choctaw by Blood, census card 1-858
0040Choctaw by Blood, census card 859-1718
0041Choctaw by Blood, census card 1719-2575
0042Choctaw by Blood, census card 7576-3426
0043Choctaw by Blood, census card 3427-4287
0044Choctaw by Blood, census card 4288-5140
0045Choctaw by Blood, census card 5141-5994
0046Choctaw by Blood, census card 5995-6109; Choctaw New Born by Blood, census card 1-746
0047Choctaw New Born by Blood, census card 747-1538; Choctaw Minor by Blood, census card 1-73
0048Choctaw Minor by Blood, census card 74-914
0049Choctaw Minor by Blood, census card 915-1325; Choctaw Freedmen, census card 1-225
0050Choctaw Freedmen, census card 226-659
0051Choctaw Freedmen, census card 660-1096
0052Choctaw Freedmen, census card 1099-1540
0053Choctaw Freedmen, census card 1541-1602; Choctaw Minor Freedmen, census card 1-521; Choctaw census card D1-D238
0054Choctaw census card D239-D1009; Choctaw census card R1-R105
0055Choctaw census card R106-R756; Choctaw Freedmen, census card D1-D111
0056Choctaw Freedmen, census card D112-D234; Choctaw Freedmen, census card R1-R45; Mississippi Choctaw by Blood, census card 1-540
0057Mississippi Choctaw by Blood, census card 541-918; Mississippi Choctaw New Born & Minor by Blood, census card 1-372; Mississippi Choctaw identified, census card 1-11; Mississippi Choctaw field cards, 1-110
0058Mississippi Choctaw field cards, 111-564; Mississippi Choctaw, census cards D1-D74; Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R1-R351
0059Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R352-R1215
0060Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R1216-R2107
0061Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R2108-R3016
0062Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R3017-R3911
0063Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R3912-R4811
0064Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R4812-R5713
0065Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R5714-R6622
0066Mississippi Choctaw, census cards R6623-R7446
0067Chickasaw by Blood, census card 1-662
0068Chickasaw by Blood, census card 663-1424
0069Chickasaw by Blood, census card 1425-1850; Chickasaw New Born by Blood, census card 1-331
0070Chickasaw New Born by Blood, census card 332-553; Chickasaw Minor by Blood, census card 1-469; Chickasaw Freedmen, census card 1-35
0071Chickasaw Freedmen, census card 36-415
0072Chickasaw Freedmen, census card 416-799
0073Chickasaw Freedmen, census card 800-1178
0074Chickasaw Freedmen, census card 1179-1522; Chickasaw Freedmen Minor, census card 1-84
0075Chickasaw Freedmen Minor, census card 85-517; Chickasaw Freedmen census card D1-D130; Chickasaw Freedmen census card R1-R9; Chickasaw, census card R1-R57
0076Chickasaw, census card R58-R111; Chickasaw cancelled census card 1-219; Chickasaw census card D1-D455
0077Creek by Blood, census card 1-662
0078Creek by Blood, census card 663-1398
0079Creek by Blood, census card 1399-2125
0080Creek by Blood, census card 2126-2867
0081Creek by Blood census card 2868-3611
0082Creek by Blood, census card 3612-4059; Creek New Born by Blood census card 1-289
0083Creek New Born by Blood census card 290-1171
0084Creek Minor by Blood census card 1-688
0085Creek Freedmen, census card 1-358
0086Creek Freedmen, census card 359-740
0087Creek Freedmen, census card 741-1081
0088Creek Freedmen, census card 1082-1456
0089Creek Freedmen, census card 1457-1833
0090Creek Freedmen, census card 1834-1917; Creek Freedmen New Born by Blood, census card 1-468
0091Creek Freedmen New Born by Blood, census card 469-748; Creek Freedmen Minor by Blood census card 1-435
0092Seminole by Blood, census card 1-607; Seminole Freedmen, census card 608-670
0093Seminole Freedmen, census card 671-855; Seminole New Born by Blood, census card 1-R5; Seminole New Born Freedmen, census card 1-91

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