1900 Federal Census Indian Territory Census

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This microfilm set contains the 1900 enumeration of the Special Federal Census of the Indian Territory, which is present day Oklahoma. Indians living in Indian Territory were placed together on the rolls. A special Indian schedule asked extra questions which include name of tribe and degree of white blood. Native Americans on other reservations outside of Indian Territory and in the general population can be found in 1900 Federal Census Indian Population Schedule

Media: 35mm Film
Filed Under: 1900 Census

Item NumberContents
1843Cherokee Nation (part: EDs 4--15 and ED 16, sheet 1)
1844Cherokee Nation (cont'd: ED 16, sheet 2--end, EDs 17-- 28, and ED 29, sheets 1--20)
1845Cherokee Nation (cont'd: ED 29, sheet 21--end, and EDs 30--41)
1846Cherokee (cont'd: ED 42--48, 189) and Chickasaw (part: ED 120, 187, and ED 121, sheets 1--6) Nations
1847Chickasaw Nation (cont'd: ED 121, sheet 7--end, EDs 122--134, and ED 135 sheets 1--2)
1848Chickasaw Nation (cont'd: ED 135, sheet 3--end, and EDs 136--139, 190, 140--146, 185, 147,n>151)
1849Chickasaw Nation (cont'd: EDs 152--167 and ED 168, sheets 1--21)
1850Chickasaw (cont'd: ED 168, sheet 22--end) and Choctaw (part: EDs 73, 179, 180, 74--78, and ED 79, sh
1851Choctaw Nation (cont'd: ED 79, sheet 3--end, and EDs 80--95)
1852Choctaw Nation (cont'd: EDs 96--115 and ED 116, sheets 1--49)
1853Choctaw (cont'd: ED 116, sheet 50--end, and EDs 117-- 119, 181--184) and Creek (part: EDs 49--60, 18
1854Creek (cont'd: ED 61--67, 188), Peoria, Quapaw, Seneca, Wyandotte, Seminole, Modoc, Ottawa, and Shaw

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