Indian Census

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An Act of Congress in 1884 required the Indian Agencies to take a yearly census of Indians. Not every Agency complied and not every record made has survived. The following microfilm series is a portion of the annual Indian Census.

The Indian Census collection has been digitized by Internet Archive.

Check the following catalog of microfilm reels for the tribe and corresponding reel number. Search by reel number at Internet Archive

Media: 35mm Film
Filed Under: Native American

Item NumberContents
0022Carter (Pottawatomi) 1915; Cherokee (NC)1898-99,
0022(Continued) Cherokee (NC) 1904, 1906, 1909-12, 1914
0026Cherokee (NC) 1933-1939
0130Fort Belknap (Grosventre &Assiniboin Indians) 1930-1935
0131Fort Belknap (Grosventre &Assiniboin Indians) 1936-1939
0177Haskell(Potawatomi,Kickapoo,Iowa,Sauk,&Fox Indians)1932
01771932 - 1934
0191Hopi (Hopi & Navajo Indians) 1931
0197Jicarilla 1916-1929

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