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Pyatt and Anna (Knox) Williamson Family Bible

H. & E. Phinney's Stereotype Edition. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Original Greek. Cooperstown, NY: H. & E. Phinney, 1828.

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Family Record - Marriages
Family Record - Births
Family Record - Deaths
Printed Transcription

Transcription of MVHS Acc. No. 98.89 Williamson – Stewart Family Collection

Bible – (title page missing from Old Testament) Information from title page of New Testament provides the following:

H. & E. Phinney’s Stereotype Edition. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Original Greek. Cooperstown, NY: H. & E. Phinney, 1828.

Family Section found between the Old Testament and the Apocrypha sections:

Family Record
Pyatt Williamson and
Anna Knox were Marri
ed the 26th of March
A. D. 1826

Joseph Williamson
1788 or ’89 – N. J. or or Pa.
Elizabeth Williamson dau. of Jos.
Capt Joshua Cotton of War
of 1812
(illegible writing)

Joseph Williamson
Belinda Detchon
Dec. 23-1856 in Boardman, O.
Warren Pyatt Williamson I
Mary Cornelius Thompson
Dec. 31-1890 in Youngstown, O.
Warren Pyatt Williamson II
Isabel Seymour Dellio
Feb. 6-1924 in Chicago, Ill.
Joseph Dallas Williamson
Mabel Leola Strickenburgh
Jan 16-1932 at Franklin, Pa.

Family Record
Births Births
Pyatt Williamson was Horace Williamson was
Born the 1st day of Born the 4th Day of
March, A. D. 1801 August A. D. 1835
Anna Knox was Sarah Jane Williamson
Born the 3d day of dauter of Pyatt and Anna
October A. D. 1804. William son was Born
----- the twenty first day
Joseph Williamson son of January A. D. 1838
of Pyatt and Anna
Williamson was Born
The 31st day of July 1827. Laura Williamson
----- was Born the 17th
John Williamson day of August A. D. 1840
was Born Sept. 4 in 1829
died Nov. 29-1851
Alis Williamson
was Born August
Betsey Williamson the 17th A. D. 1843
was Born the 8th day of Joseph Williamson
April A. D. 1836 born 1765 in N. J.
Isaac Williamson was wife
Born the 31st day of January *Margaret
A. D. 1833 born Mar 3-1765? In N. J.
Margaret’s name either
Dustman or Fuchs

Family Record
Births Births
Elizabeth Williamson dau. Jos. I
& Margaret – born about 1783? In N.J.
Aaron Williamson was
Son of Elizabeth Williamson & Joshua Cotton
Born the 23 of December
A. D. 1812
Belinda Alice (Detchon) Williamson
Born May 30-1835- Boardman, O.
Warren Pyatt Williamson I
Born Oct. 4-1858 – Youngstown, O.
Mary Bertha Williamson
Martha Blanche Williamson
Sept. 19-1864 – twins
Mary Cornelius Thompson Williamson
April 16-1867 Caldwell Co. Mo.
Joseph Dallas Williamson
May 19-1897- Youngstown, O.
Warren Pyatt Williamson II
May 10-1900 Youngstown, O.
Isabel Syemour (Dellio) Williamson
Dec 14-1903-Boston, Mass.
Mabel L. (Strickenburgh) Williamson
July 29-1903- Franklin, Pa.
1- Barbara Marie Williamson
May 9-1925 Youngstown
2- Warren Pyatt Williamson III
May 14-1930 Youngstown, O.
3- Joseph Dallas Williamson II
Aug 14-1945

Family Record
Deaths Deaths

Joseph Williamson John Williamson
Died October the 20th Died November the 27th
A. D. 1827 A. D. 1851
Aged 62 years & 4 months Aged 22 years and
Margaret Wife of two months & twenty
Joseph Williamson three days
Died March the 9th ---
A. D. 1847 Laura Williamson
Aged Eighty two years Died the 22nd day of
and six days February A. D. 1862
Elizabeth (Williamson) Cotton Aged 21 years six
1876 in Weathersfield, O. months and 5 days

Pyatt Williamson Anna Williamson
Died January 9th wife of Pyatt
A. D. 1877 Williamson Died
Aged 75 years and Oct. 11th A. D. 1879
Ten months & nine Aged 75 years
Days Joseph, son of Pyatt Williamson
Died July 1, 1912
Age 84 yrs. 11 mos. 28 days
Horace died 1919 Alice d. 1930
Isaac “ 1905 Elizabeth. d. 1918
Sarah J. “ 1929
Onion Skin Page tipped into Book:

Family Record Deaths

Joseph Williamson son of Piatt Isaac Williamson
July 1st-1912- Youngstown, O. July 28-1905
Belinda A. (Detchon) Williamson Elizabeth (Williamson) Simon
Sept. 12-1924, Youngstown, O. August 19-1918
Miss Martha B. Williamson Sarah Jane (Williamson) Hubler
Aug. 29-1939 Jan. 29, 1929
Miss Mary Bertha Williamson
June 20-1946
Warren Pyatt Williamson Alice (Williamson) McKinnie
Oct. 7-1946 July 1930
Mary Thompson Williamson Horace Williamson
September 11th 1963 April 4, 1919