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Edward and Lula Mae (Kemp) Wangler Family Bible

The Holy Bible: Spiritual Harvest Edition. Chicago: Consolidated Book Publishing, 1955.

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Marriage Record (second page)
Page 2 - Father's Family Tree
Page 3 - Mother's Family Tree
Page 4 - Our Children and Grandchildren
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[Title Page]
The Holy Bible
Spiritual Harvest Edition
Authorized King James Version
[Tear] with the words of Jesus in red and
[Tear] all proper names self-pronounced.
[Tear] [Com]plete with page reference index, a
directory of subject headings, laws of
the Bible and other clarifying features.
The supplementary material in this
Bible was conceived by and produced
under the direction of
Melbourne I. Feltman

Published by
Division of Book Production Industries, Inc.
153 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois

[Verso of Title Page]
Copyright 1955
by Book Production Industries, Inc.


[Page [1]]
[Note: Words in parentheses () were a printed feature of the pages and not handwritten by the family]

Marriage Record
(HUSBAND) Edward Wangler
(BIRTH DATE) Aug. 25 1906
(WIFE) Lula Ma[e?] Kemp
(BIRTH DATE) Aug 20 1907
(DATE OF MARRIAGE) Aug 25 1927
(PERFORMED BY) Rev. D. H. Rosier
(AT) Gentryville, Indiana
Mrs. D. H. Rosier
(MEMORIES) [blank]

[Page [2]]
Father's Family Tree
(FATHER'S NAME) Edward Wangler
Born August 25, 1906

(HIS FATHER) Charles Martin Wangler
Jan 13, 1880
Died Nov 14, 1946
(FATHER) Charles Frances Wangler
(MOTHER) Sarah Ellen Smith
Married Jan 25, 1905
at Redbrush Church

(HIS MOTHER) Nettie Mae Wright
April 3, 1890
Died [space] 1957
(FATHER) James Wright
July 25, 1840
(MOTHER) Mary Jane Baker
Feb 5, 1854

[Page [3]]
Mother's Family Tree
(MOTHER'S NAME) Lula Mae Kemp
Born Aug 20, 1907
Died Jan 11, 1980

(HER FATHER) John A. Kemp
Oct 11, 1879
Jan 23, 1963
(FATHER) John Wesley Kemp
July 1, 1868
March 14, 1920
(FATHER) Henry Kemp
Born near Louisville Ky.
March 10, 1804
(MOTHER) Sarah Cox
Born Ohio Co Ky
Nov 8, 1809
June 13, 1884
(MOTHER) Arrena Barnett
Feb 7, 1848
Oct 26, 1910
Married October 26, 1900

(HER MOTHER) Emma Ann Leather
Born March 25, 1883
Died July 28, 1957
(FATHER) James A. Leather
(MOTHER) Sara Bayse

[Page [4]]
Our Children and Grandchildren
(NAME) Carmen Malee Wangler
(BORN) Nov 5, 1928 (AT) Yankeetown Ind
(MARRIED) May 15, 1946 (TO) Walter M. Harlow March 31, 1928

(Their Children)
(NAME) Douglas Wayne Harlow (BORN) Born & Died Jan 28 1947 (AT) [blank]
(NAME) Walter Erick Harlow (BORN) April 17 1949 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Michael Edward Harlow (BORN) May 23, 1950 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Marguerita Carmen Harlow Huber (BORN) July 11, 1951 (AT) Evansville Ind
Robin Lee Harlow August 8, 1956 Evansville Ind
Carol Mae Harlow Beauette Nov 11, 1957 Evansville Ind
David S Harlow April 10, 1964

(Their Children)
Todd Alden Harlow Jan 17, 1977
(NAME) Joseph Michael Harlow (Jody) (BORN) April 11, 1975 (AT) [blank]
(NAME) Rebecca Harlow (BORN) May 28, 1974 (AT) [blank]
(NAME) Michelle Harlow (BORN) August 13, 1965 (AT) [blank]
(NAME) Erick Maxey Harlow (BORN) Sept 11, 1972 (AT) [blank]
Christopher Harlow Sept 1, 1971
Paul Louis Huber, Oct 16, 1971

[Page [5]]
Our Children and Grandchildren [continued]
(NAME) Belva Gayle Wangler
(BORN) Feb 7, 1934 (AT) Yankeetown Ind.
(MARRIED) July 28, 1950 (TO) Arthur J. Hutchinson August 8, 1931

(Their Children)
(NAME) Joe Alan Hutchinson (BORN) July 14, 1951 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Dwonna Gayle Hutchinson (BORN) July 29, 1952 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Jennifer Lyn Hutchinson (BORN) Sept 20, 1953 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Jeffery Lee Hutchinson (BORN) Dec 28, 1957 (AT) Evansville Ind

(Their Children)
(NAME) April Sue Gwaltney (BORN) Sept 21, 1970 (AT) Evansville, Ind
(NAME) Jennifer Leann Heck (BORN) Jan 12, 1972 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Jeffery Scott Gwaltney (BORN) Nov 10, 1973 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Donald Dean Gwaltney (BORN) July 19, 1975 (AT) Evansville Ind.
(NAME) Matthew Joseph Hutchinson (BORN) Jan 26, 1978 (AT) Evansville Ind
(NAME) Christina Jo Hutchinson (BORN) May 31, 1979 (AT) Evansville Ind

[Page [6]]
Our Children and Grandchildren [continued]
(NAME) Alan Leroy Wangler
(BORN) Sept 3, 1935 (AT) Hatfield Ind
(MARRIED) Aug 3, 1963 (TO) Doris J. L. Hart Born July 6

(Their Children)
(NAME) Misty Wangler (BORN) October 25, 1964 (AT) Evansville
(NAME) Jason Wangler (BORN) March 21, 1973 (AT) Evansville