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Jacob Stults Family Bible

The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments. Philadelphia: A.J. Holman, 1874.

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[Title Page]

Holy Bible:
Containing the
Old and New Testaments,
Translated out of the original tongues,
With the
Apocrypha, Concordance and Psalms.
To which are appended a
Comprehensive Bible Dictionary,
In which every important Scriptural word is fully explained.

A complete history of each book of the Bible, beautifully illustrated. cities of the Bible, with descriptive
scenes and events in Palestine. Jewish and Egyptian antiquities; Biblical scenery; manners and customs of the ancients; natural history; Bible aids for social prayer; A history of the Jewish worship, etc.

Over one hundred thousand marginal references.
A concise history of all religious denominations,
And many other important and useful aids to the study of the Holy Scriptures. All written to increase
The Interest in and simplify
The study of the Word of God.

By the following eminent Biblical writers and authors:
Rev. Alfred Nevins, D.D.,
Rev. Thomas H. Horne, D.D.,
Rev. Wm. H. Munroe,
Rev. John Eadie, D.D., L.L.D.,
Rev. Wm. F.B. Jackson,
Prof. A.L. Rawson

The whole embellished with
Over seven hundred engravings on steel, wood, and in colors.

A.J. Holman & Co.
No. 930 Arch Street,

[Page 2]
This is to Certify
That Jacob Stults of Franklin
County in the State of Ohio and Rachel Coons
Of the same place
Were by me united together in
Holy Matrimony
On the Twenty Ninth day of July in the Year of
Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Seven
In Presence of
Mrs. Susan Hanover Rev. John Hanover
Baptist Minister

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Jacob Stults and Rachel Coons was
Married July 29th A.D. 1827.

[Page 4]

Jacob Stults was born December 17th A.D. 1801
Rachel Coons was born November 13th A.D. 1809

Henry J. Stults was born July 22 A.D. 1828
Catharine Stults was born November 15th A.D. 1829
Eliza Ann Stults was born October 26th A.D. 1831
John Stults was born May 12th A.D. 1834
Peter Stults was born August 9th A.D. 1837
James Madison Stults was born July 27th A.D. 1839
Abraham Pulhamus Stults was born July 21st 1840
George Coons Stults was born April 8th A.D. 1842
David D.C. Stults was born February 7th 1845
Lewis Allen Stults was born October 31st 1848
Lovina Stults was born July 29th 1851
Stewart Stults was born December 25th 1853

[Page 5]

Lewis Allen Stults died August 24th 1851
Henry J. Stults died March 8th A.D. 1855
Eliza Ann Evans died January 28th 1875
Jacob Stults died May 4th A.D. 1876
Lovina Fuller died
Stewart Stults died October 6, A.D. 1889
John Stults died
Rachel Stults died September 23 1890

[Page 6]

Abraham Pulhamus Stults was born July 21 1840
Mary Jane Miller was born June 4 1853

All born in Noble County,
Noble Township, Indiana

Allie Pearl Stults was born January 26 1875
Ressie Stults was born January 27, 1877
Bessie Stults was born January 27, 1877
Walter Stults was born May 19, 1879
Mary Jane Stults was born July 31, 1881
Hazel Carmen Stults was born Nov. 12, 1889

Hazel Carmen Stults died Oct. 29, 1908
Abraham Pulhamus Stults died Feb. 17, 1929
Mary Jane Miller Stults died 1/12/1943
Allie Pearl Stults Gappringer died 3/9/1943
Bessie Stults Targgart died Dec. 15, 1950
Ressie Stults Winebrenner died Oct. 17, 1956
Mary Jane Stults Ott died July 28, 1963
Walter Stults died November 29, 1965

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[Calling card]

May joy be around you
Ressie Stults