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Jacob Schermerhorn Family Bible

The Latest Illustrated Family Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, New York: C.F. Vent, 1870

Title Page - Introduction
Title Page - Bible
Family Record
Births (written)
Births (transcribed)
Genealogical Tablets
Bowman Family Information (written)
Bowman Family Information (transcribed)
Children of Rebecca Bee Schermerhorn-Blake (written)
Children of Rebecca Bee Schermerhorn-Blake (transcribed)
Marriage Certificate of John B. Schermerhorn and Rebecca M. Bowman (written)
Marriage Certificate of John B. Schermerhorn and Rebecca M. Bowman (transcribed)
Marriages (written)
Marriages (transcribed)
Genealogy (written)
Genealogy (transcribed)
Deaths (written)
Deaths (transcribed)
Family Record: Marriages (written)
Family Record: Births (written)
Family Records: Marriages & Births (transcribed)
Family Record: Deaths (written)
Family Record: Deaths (transcribed)
Note explaining obituaries

[Introduction, page 1]
FAMILY BIBLE of the descendants of Jacob Schermerhorn of New York State

[Introduction, page 2]
There were two Schermerhorn Family Bibles. The bible that was printed in 1872 belonged to John Brighton and Rebecca Bowman Schermerhorn.

Inserted in the middle of the 1872 bible are three sheets that probably came from an earlier family bible. The first entries were the children of our Revolutionary War ancestor, Jacob Schermerhorn and his wife, Abigail Allison.

No entries in the bible mention the parentage of Jeremiah Schermerhorn. Jeremiahs' father, Uriah, was not literate. He probably received the bible upon the death of Jacob in June 1834. It is not clear when Jeremiah took possession of the earlier bible but it was passed on to John Brighton and Rebecca Bowman Schermerhorn and has resided in the current family bible since about 1873.

Title Page:

The Latest Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, Together with the Apocrypha: Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. To with are appended a concordance, the Psalms of David in metro, selections from Bible lyric and also an illustrated Bible dictionary. In which the various places and subjects are referred to, and every difficult words explained, the mutual relations of the four Gospels, harmony of the Gospels, and other useful tables, designed to promote and facilitate the study of the Holy Scriptures. C.F. Vent, New York and Cincinnati. F.A. Hutchinson & Co., St. Louis, MO. 1872.

Page 4:

Family Record

Page 5:


Page 6:
(handwritten birth entries)

Page 7:
(transcribed birth entries)

John B. Schermerhorn July 1, 1840
Rebecca M. Schermerhorn April 20, 1843
Frank B. Schermerhorn April 9, 1862
Ida May Schermerhorn August 30, 1863
Eugene J. Schermerhorn March 24, 1865
Ada E. Schermerhorn December 11, 1866
Sarah E. Schermerhorn July 11, 1870
Malvina A. Schermerhorn May 7, 1873
John T. Schermerhorn February 27, 1875
Wayne H. Schermerhorn September 29, 1877
Annie D. Schermerhorn May 19, 1879
Rebecca B. Schermerhorn July 5, 1883

Page 8:

Genealogical Tablets

Page 9:
(Bowman family information, written)

Page 10:
(Bowman family information, transcribed)
Rebecca M. Bowman born April 20, 1843. Daughter of Thomas & Anna Bowman of Shelby Co., Ohio, being one of Nine children born to Thomas and Anna Bowman and their names and dates appear in their regular order, to wit:
John V. Bowman September 18, 1824
Josiah Bowman March 19,
Sarah Bowman December 11, 1828
Susanna Bowman July 6, 1831
Jacob W. Bowman January 16, 1834
Thomas Bowman March 27, 1837
Benjamin F. Bowman April __, 1840
Rebecca M. Bowman April 20, 1843
Andrew W. Bowman

Page 11:
Children of Rebecca Bee Schermerhorn-Blake (written)

Page 12:
Children of Rebecca Bee Schermerhorn-Blake (transcribed)
Bonitta Bee Blake born October 25, 1920
James Monroe Blake born November 7, 1921
Wayne Harmon Blake born August 30, 1924
John T. Schermerhorn born February 27, 1875
Son of John B. and Rebecca Schermerhorn of Marble Rock, Iowa, being one of 12 children, was married to Louise Victoria Knapp on September 22, 1900 and to this union were born 6 children, to wit:
Lyle W. Schermerhorn August 24, 1901
Francis E. Schermerhorn September 1, 1903
Ivan T. Schermerhorn November 19, 1906
Dale B. Schermerhorn November 26, 1912
Joseph L. Schermerhorn June 3, 1916
Lois W. Schermerhorn December 18, 1918

Page 13:
Marriage Certificate of John B. Schermerhorn and Rebecca M. Bowman (written)

Page 14:
Marriage Certificate of John B. Schermerhorn and Rebecca M. Bowman (transcribed)
Be It Known
That on the Twenty Third of July
One thousand eight hundred & Sixty One
At Cambridge, Illinois
The Subscriber
John B. Schermerhorn
Rebecca M. Bowman
Signed: W. L. Dalaymple, Justice of the Peace

Page 15:
Marriages (written)

Page 16:
Marriages (transcribed)
John B. Schermerhorn and Rebecca M. Bowman July 23, 1861
Sarah Cora Schermerhorn & George W. Riehm November 21, 1888
John T. Schermerhorn & Louisa V. Knapp September 22, 1900
Anna Dolly Schermerhorn & Thomas H. Richards December 24, 1907
Eugene J. Schermerhorn & Mary Molly Murphy July 26, 1906
Wayne H. Schermerhorn & Grace Earnist Barnes September 14, 1912
Rebecca B. Schermerhorn & Harmon M. Blake October 12, 1914

Page 17:
Genealogy (written)

Page 18:
Genealogy (transcribed
Jeremiah Schermerhorn
Born 22 day of July __
Of Dutch descent
__ day of Aug 31, 1831
Hannah Swift
Born 31 day of Aug 1811
Of English descent
Thomas Bowman
Born __ day of __ 1797
Of Swiss descent
__ day of __ 18__
Anna Woland
Born __ day of __ 1807
Anna Bowman Aug 1846
Thoms Bowman 1853

Page 19:

Page 20:
Deaths (written)

Page 21:
Deaths (transcribed)
Ida May Schermerhorn Mary 27, 1864
Ada E. Schermerhorn July 28, 1870
Malvina Alice Schermerhorn September 29, 1874
John B. Schermerhorn December 3, 1910
Rebecca M. Bowman, wife of John B. Schermerhorn September 11, 1914
Frank B. Schermerhorn July 12, 1929
Anna D. Richards December 30, 1931
Sarah C. Rheim died (cause major operation)
Eugene J. Schermerhorn March 1943
John T. Schermerhorn January 28, 1958
Louisa Victoria Schermerhorn March 17, 1954
W. H. Schermerhorn son of John T. departed this life at Spokane WA October 4, 1961
Frances Eugene Schermerhorn January 6, 1961 at Eureka, MT

Page 22:
Family Record: Marriages (written)

Page 23:
Family Record: Births (written)

Page 24:
Family Record: Marriages and Births (transcribed)
Family Record
Jeremiah Schermerhorn
Married to Hannah Swift
August 31, 1831

Uriah son to Jeremiah and Hannah Swift
Born June 11, 1835

Malvina Schermerhorn
Daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah Schermerhorn
was born August 17, 1835

Elizabeth daughter of
Jeremiah and Hannah
Schermerhorn was born
June 6, 1837

The foregoing ages are conditional
According to then John B. Schermer-
horn was born July 7, 1846

Put down January 4, Sabbath evening
Cold this trying night to
J. B. Schermerhorn

Mary, daughter to Jacob
Schermerhorn and Abagail his wife
Born June 28 in the year of our son

Falley daughter of Jacob
Schermerhorn and Abagail his wife
Born March 22, 1790

Jeremiah son to Jacob
Schermerhorn and Abagail his wife
Born July 22, 1793

Orin Schermerhorn son of Jeremiah
and Hannah was born July 23, 1850
Put down April 7, cold day & snowed
like everything all day long.

Luther Follett maryed to Polly his wife
Feb 10, 1803

Jacob born January 20, 1804
Silas born February the 18th
Russell born June 20, 1809
Windsor born the 25 of Sept 1811
Halsey born the 13 of June 1814
Lester born the 12 of July 1816
Samuel born the 30 of Sept 1818
Lenora born the 5th of January 1821
Jordan born Feb 21, 1823
George born Sept 15, 1825

Page 25:
Family Record: Deaths (written)

Page 26:
Family Record: Deaths (transcribed)
Lester Follet son of Luther
Follet, Polly his wife, who
died 4 of August aged
two years 23 days

Melvin Jeremiah Schermerhorn
Son of Oren & Rilla Schermer-
horn his wife Born Dec 14, 1874

Jeremiah son to Jacob Schermerhorn
and Abagail his wife departed this life
May 12, 1803 being 10 years, 10
months and ten days at his death.

Abagail Schermerhorn wife to
Jacob Schermerhorn departed this life
December 24, 1820

Sarah P. Elison daughter to John Elison
departed this life January 1, 1839

Hannah wife of Jeremiah and daughter
of___ died___

Page 27:
These obituaries were glued into the 1872 Bible on the front and back covers.

Page 28:
Obituaries of Mrs. J. B. Schermerhorn, Rebecca Bowman Schermerhorn, Mrs. Thomas H. Richards Banks. Marriage notice of Harmon Blake and Rebecca B. Schermerhorn

Page 29:
Obituary of Thomas Bowman and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Babcock

Page 30:
Obituary of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Babcock (continued)