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Tim and Ann (Randal) Roberts Family Bible

The Self-interpreting Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments. Bungay: Brightly and Childs, 1813.

Title page
Family record

Page 1: [Title Page]

Self-interpreting Bible,
Containing the Old and New Testaments,
References and Illustrations;
An Exact
Summary of the Several Books;
A Paraphrase
On the
Most Obscure or Important Parts:
An Analysis of the Contents of Each Chapter,
To Which Are Annexed
An Extensive Introduction,
Explanatory Notes, Evangelical Reflections, &c.

By the Late Rev. John Brown,
Minister of the Gospel at Haddington

Embellished with
Forty Beautiful Engravings.

Printed and Published by Brightly and Childs.

Page 2:

Tim [undecipherable letter] Roberts & Ann Randal Married June 24. 18?? [Year appears to be 1811]

Tim [undecipherable letter] Roberts born August 30th 1793
Ann Randal born July 8th 1788
Miria Roberts born Feb 12th 1812
Miria Roberts died March 20th 1812
John Roberts born Oct 27th 1813
Sanders Roberts born Oct 3rd 1815 [appears as Saunders on page 3]
Miria Roberts born July 6th – 1817
William Roberts born Oct 10th 1819
Miria died June 6th 1820
Ann Roberts born June 23th 1821
Miria Roberts born Sep 19th 1823
Thos [appears to be written over another name] Roberts born Feby 6th 1825
Miria Roberts died July 1st 1826
William Roberts died March 4th 1827
Edwin Roberts born Sep ter 10th 1827
Edwin Roberts died December 9th 1827
Thos Roberts died March 6th 1828
William Roberts born July 17th 1830
William Roberts died April 14th 1831
Ann Roberts married June 24, 1841
Ann Burbridge died June 23th 1848
Timothy Roberts died Oct 1th 1853
Ann Roberts died Aug 13 1854

[Page 3]

Saunders Roberts & Mary Ann Smith October 12th [possibly 18th] 1837
Saunders Roberts born Oct 3rd 1815
Mary Ann Smith born Oct 22 1814
William Roberts born Augst 26th 1838
John Roberts born Jary 25th [possibly 23th] 1841
John Roberts died Sep 29th 1842
Alfred Roberts born May 24th 1843
Thos Roberts born August 25th [possibly 23th] 1845
Sarah Ann Roberts March
Emily Roberts born March 29th [possibly 28th] 1850
John Roberts born March 14th 1854

Saunders Roberts died July 13 / 73
Mary Ann Roberts died April 11 / 86
Thomas Roberts died Dec 3 / 1911
Emily Farrer died Nov 21 / 1915
William Roberts died Feb 13 / 1916
Alfred Roberts died May 20 / 1928
Sarah Ann Roberts died [illegible] 16 1931

John Roberts & Lavina Amelia Wonoiott Married June 8 1886
Mary Ann Maud Roberts born 3 Jany 1888
John Saunders Roberts born 30 July 1890
Frank Wheeler [?] Roberts born 17 August 1892
Eduth [appears as Edith below] Emelier Roberts born 3 October 1896
Eleen Alford Roberts born 22 October 1909
John Saunders Roberts died Feb 12 1919
(Born Nov. 29, 1868) Lavina Amilea Roberts died Jany 22 1929 (Born Nov. 29, 1868)
Edith Emelier Hancock died Jany 12 1933
John Roberts died March 21, 1934