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Cornelius Rinehart Family Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. Dayton, Ohio: United Brethren Publishing House, no date.

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Standard Edition

The Holy Bible
containing the
Old and New Testaments,
Translated out of
The original tongues,
And with
The former translations diligently compared and revised;
Concordance and Psalms of David in metre
The text conformable to the Oxford and the American Bible Society's Standard Editions.

United Brethren Publishing House,
Rev. W.J. Shuey, Agent
Dayton, Ohio

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This Certifies
That the Rite of
Holy Matrimony
Was Celebrated Between

Mr. Cornelius Rinehart of Beach City
And Miss Barbara Kline of Bolivar
On the 5th of August 1877 at Zoar, Ohio
By Simon Beiter J.P.

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Vivian Mardell Foglesong March 4, 1944

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Cornelius Rinehart August 17th 1857
Barbara February 28 1848
Charles Franklin January 2d 1878
Dora Martha June 18, 1881
Erma Viola Aug. 24th 1891
Vivian Mardell March 15th 1917


Dora M. Rinehart March 16th 1892
Erma Viola Rinehart

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Erma Viola [Rinehart] March 18, 1892
Charles F. Rinehart March 18th 1885
Cornelius Rinehart Oct. 3th 1915
Mary Barbara Rinehart June 20st 1928
Grover Foglesong May 12, 1941
Dora Foglesong Sept. 30, 1957

Ida Foglesong Jan. 15, 1965- 86

Grandmother Rinehart 80 yrs, 3 mo., 20 da.

Edwin Converse May 7, 1971 - 68
Faye Feb. 6, 1972

Jack Howard Renwick Feb. 22, 1997
Vivian Fogelsong Renwick July 27, 2005