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Ephraim Owen Family Bible

Owen Family Bible (dated 1883), attributed to Ephraim Samuel Owen, Sr. 1842-1925. Containing records from 1738-1944. Transcribed June 13, 2009 by Rodney Birdsell; revised 21 March 2020.

Title Page
Group 1, Page 1 - Marriage
Group 1, Page 2 - Births
Group 1, Page 3 - Births
Group 1, Page 4 - Deaths
Group 1, Page 5
Group 1, Page 6
Group 2, Page 1 - Births
Group 2, Page 2 - Deaths
Group 3, Page 1
Group 3, Page 2

Birth/Death/Marriage records that were with a Bible dated 1883 were sorted into 3 Groups based on page size and borders, handwriting and ink used, and chronology of the recorded events. Surnames included Buckner, Cooper, Dougherty, Keys, Myers, Sherwin, and Stapler in addition to Owen. While event dates ranged from 1738 to 1944 and many of the recorded events occurred prior to the 1883 date for the Bible, the information in the Bible agrees closely with other historical and genealogical sources. It is speculated that my great grandfather Ephraim Samuel Owen, Sr. purchased a new "family bible" when his step-mother Louisa (Buckner) Owen died in 1884, and that the records in Group 1 had previously been copied from an earlier source and were then eventually placed with the 1883 Bible.

Hypothesized Chronology of Recording of Information:
ca 1813-1826: The 1738-1813 birth records for the Ephraim & Mary Owen family were copied onto the Group 1 pages.

ca 1842-1847: A different person copied the 1832-1843 death records onto the Group 1 pages and then kept a current record of deaths until 1857 (the "d" at the end of words is distinctive).

Ca 1884: Another person (distinctive "O" on Owen and different terminal "d") recorded the births for the family of Ephraim Samuel/Elizabeth Owen on the Group 2 pages (note: the 4 children born1864-1874 are also on the Group 1 records but the 1882 birth is not).

ca 1880-1921: Keys family information was copied onto a separate piece of paper that was then folded and kept in another place prior to being placed in the Bible.

ca 1944 or after: information (on Groups 2 and 3) was updated for 4 more events (1884, 1921, 1927, and 1944).

Group 1 (with dates of events)
Page 1: "Marriage" - 1826-1855, also includes several births
Page 2: "Births" - 1738-1793, is on the back of Page 1 Marriages
Page 3: "Births" - 1795-1813, opposite Page 2
Page 4: "Deaths" - 1832-1857, is on the back of page 3
Page 5: no heading - 1857-1884, is attached to pages 1-4
Page 6: no heading - 1858-1861, now unattached

Group 2:
Page 1: "Births" - 1864-1927
Page 2: "Deaths" - 1886-1944, is on the back of Page 1 Births

Group 3 (on smaller page than had been folded):
Page 1: no heading - 1812-1849, both pages are for Benjamin Keys family
Page 2: no heading - 1850-1921

Analysis of Handwriting, Ink type, Page size & border illustrations, Chronology of Events, etc:
The earliest events recorded are the births of Ephraim and Mary (Cooper) Owen and their children, on Pages 2 and 3 ("Births") of Group 1. Dates range from 1738 to 1813, are the only events that are dated in the Quaker style (for example: "born the 11th of the 10th month 1793"), are all in the same handwriting, and presumably were all written at the same time. The next events to occur are on Page 1 ("Marriages") which begins with the marriage of Amos Owen in 1826 and also contains several births, ending with the birth of Edward Owen in 1855. All of the events on page 1 are listed chronologically and there appears to be a change in ink and handwriting between the entries for 1848 and 1854.

On Page 4 ("Deaths") the first 7 listings range from 1832 to 1843 but are not in chronological order; they are in the same handwriting and use the same type of ink as if they were all written at the same time. The remaining 6 deaths on Page 4 are in chronological order from 1847 to 1857 and appear to be in the same handwriting as the first 7 listings. For these latter 6 listings the ink varies somewhat so it is possible that each event was added as it occurred. The same handwriting continues to the top of Page 5 (a blank page with no headings or columns) which continues the chronology with 2 additional 1857 deaths of infant sons of Amos & Louisa Owen. The handwriting then distinctly changes for the next entry, the 1884 death of Louisa Owen. The bottom of Page 5 begins the births of the children of Ephraim Samuel and Mary (Keys) Owen, some of which are duplicated in the Group 2 pages. Page 6 is now unattached and contains 2 deaths (Amos Owen and Nancy Myers) and the name Edward Buckner. It’s placement in Group 1 is based on the dates of the events and the type of ink used.

The Group 2 pages continue the births and deaths of the family of Ephraim Samuel and Mary Owen. "Births" (1864-1927) are on one side of a page and "Deaths" 1886-1944) are on the other side. No "Marriages" page has been found for Group 2 and may have gone missing over the years. Page 1 ("Births") begins with the children of E S & M E Owen from 1864 to 1882 in the same handwriting and continuing the use of a fountain pen. Next is the birth of the wife of William H Owen (ie Jennie W Sherwin) in 1884 followed by the births of the 7 children of William H ("Harry") and Jennie Owen, written with the same handwriting but in 2 different types of ink. Events on the "Deaths" page (1886-1944) are listed chronologically and in various types of ink as if each was written as the event occurred. Comparing the types of ink used indicates the following 2 sets of records:

Original entries
Births of first 6 children of W H & J W Owen 1908-1923
Death of E S Owen Senior 1925
Later addition to above
Birth of Jennie W. Owen 1884
Birth of last child of W H & J W Owen 1927
Death of William H Owen (1944 – no date given on record)

From this it is hypothesized that upon the 1925 death of Ephraim Samuel Owen, Sr, that these pages were passed on to his only surviving child, William H Owen, and that the 1908-1923 births of his children were recorded at that time. Then in 1927 when the 7th child was born, her birth and the birth of William H's wife Jennie Sherwin were added. The last entry of all for Group 2 is the (undated)1944 death of William H Owen.

Group 3 contains births and deaths for the Benjamin Keys family (daughter Mary Elizabeth Keys was the wife of Ephraim Samuel Owen and the mother of William H Owen). Records appear to be in a ball point pen and are in the same handwriting for events from 1812-1880. The only additional event is the death of Mary Elizabeth Keys Owen in 1921, and it is in the same ink and handwriting as the 1884, 1927, and 1944 events from the 2nd group above, indicating that these 4 entries (for events dated 1884, 1921, 1927, and 1944) were all written at the time of or sometime following the 1944 death of William H Owen.

NOTE: This transcription attempted to remain faithful to what was actually written on these record pages. In cases where entries were barely legible due to faded ink or handwriting style, other genealogical sources were then consulted to assist in interpreting the records.

Group 1, Page 1, Marriages
[column 1]
Amos Owen & Isabel B. Dougherty was married April the 2nd 1826
Lot Owen son of Amos & Isabel Owen was born June 3rd 1827
Polly Ann Owen was born July 19th 1829
Caroline Matilda Owen was born May the 29 1832
Nancy Jane Owen was born January the 18th 1835
Sarah Isabel Owen was born Sept the 2nd 1837

[column 2]
William Henry Harrison Owen was born April 10th 1840
Ephraim Samuel Owen was born December 29th 1842
Naonia Owen was born Sept. 21st 1845 & Died 27th of the same month
Hannah Elizabeth Owen was born April the 18th 1848
Amos and Louisa Owen Daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Buckner were Married Sept the 12th 1854
Edward Owen son of Amos & Louisa Owen was Born Sept 24th 1855

Group 1, Page 2, Births
[column 1]
Ephraim Owen the son of Ephraim Owen was born in the Beginning of the Year of our Lord 1738 old style
Mary Owen daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Cooper was born the first of January A.D. 1740 old style.
Ephraim Owen the son of Ephraim Owen and Mary his wife was born the 11th day of the 9th month 1764

[column 2]
Sarah Owen daughter of Thomas and Ruth Stapler was born the 30th day of the 9th month 1770
John Owen the son of Ephraim Owen and Sarah his wife was born the 24th of the 8th month 1790
Benjamin Owen was born the 16th day of the 1st month of 1792
Thomas Owen was born the 11th of the 10th month 1793

Group 1, Page 3, Births
[column 1]
Mary Owen was born the 25th of the 2nd month 1795
Ephraim Owen was born the 11th of the 5th month 1797
Elizabeth Owen was born the 30th of the 7th month 1799
Sarah Owen was born the 27th of the 4th month 1801
Ruth Owen was born the 27th of the 1st month 1803
Amos Owen was born the 23rd of the 12th Month 1805

[column 2]
Samuel Owen was born the 21st of the 4th month 1807
Hannah Owen was born the 9th of the 2nd month 1809
Robert Owen was Born the 1st of the 11th month at 9 o’clock A.M. 1811
William Owen was born the 26th of the 2nd month 1813

Group 1, Page 4, Deaths
[column 1]
Ephraim Owen Sen Died Jan 27th 1839
Sarah Owen Wife of Ephraim Owen Died Jan 7th 1843
J. S. Owen die November 25th 1838
Benjamin Owen died March 26th 1832
Ephraim Owen Jun. Died Jan. 4th 1840
Ruth Arney died May the 12th 1841
William Owen Died Sept. 27th 1841
Hannah Buckner Died January the 21st of 1847

[column 2]
Robert Owen died in (Puebla?) Mexico November The 12th 1847
Samuel Owen deceased May 1851 Buried at Natchez State of Missippi
Isabel Bellanah Owen Wife of Amos Owen Died March 15th 1852 aged 42 years 11 months & 15 days
Sarah Isabel Owen daughter of Amos & Isabel Owen Died December the 23rd 1855 aged 18 years 3 month and 21 days
Sarah Elizabeth daughter of Wm & Louisa Owen Died January 20th 1857 aged 14 years 11 months and 23 days

Group 1, Page 5, (no heading – attached to pages 1-4)
Edward Owen son of Amos & Louisa Owen Died April 27th 1857 Aged one year 7 month and 3 days

Lord: he was thine and not our own,
Tho bound by ties so strong.
We thank the for the precious loan
Afforded us so long.

Infant son of Amos & Louisa Owen Dead Born on the 5th day of December 1857. 7 months child
Louisa Owen died Aug. 11th 1884 aged 66 years
Charles Amos Owen son of Ephraim S. and Mary E. Owen was born September the 4 1864
Infant Daughter of E.S. and M.E. Owen was bornd dead December 16 1866
W.M. Owen son of E.S. and M.E. Owen was born June the 4 1870
John F. Owen son of E.S. and M.E. Owen was born January the 3 1874

Group 1, Page 6, (no heading – unattached)
[column 1]
Amos Owen Died March 28, 1861
Nancy J. Myers Died July 29 1858

[column 2]
Edward Buckner

Group 2, Page 1. Births
[column 1]
Charles A. Owen son of E.S. and M.E. Owen was born Sept 4 1864
Infant daughter of E.S. and M.E. Owen was born dead Dec. 16, 1866
William H. Owen son of E.S. and M.E. Owen was born June 4, 1870
John F. Owen son of E.S. and M.E. Owen was born January 3, 1874

[column 2]
Ephraim S. Owen Jr. son of E.S. and M.E. Owen was born Oct. 19, 1882
Jennie W. Owen daughter of Margaret and Lewis C. Sherwin born June 13, 1884
Mary Margaret Owen daughter of William H. and Jennie W. Owen was born Nov. 24, 1908
Max Wayne Owen was born Nov. 24, 1909
Hazel Owen was born April 4, 1911 at Beloit, Kan
Thelma Owen was born Jan. 3, 1915
Ava Louise Owen was born Jan. 24, 1917
Henry Vail Owen was born Sept. 19, 1923
Janet Effine Owen born Oct. 11, 1927 Beloit, Ks.

Group 2, Page 2, Deaths
Charles A. Owen died Septeber 24, 1886 age 22 years and 20 days
E.S. Owen Junior died Feb 25, 1917
Mary E. Owen died June, 11; 1921
John F. Owen Died Sept. 2 1921 at Cahhan, Colo.
E.S. Owen Senior Died Feb 23, 1925
William H. Owen died Feb. at Jewell Kans. age

(On smaller page that was folded into quarters and did not have any marks or holes of having been bound into a book.)

Group 3, Page 1
Benjamin Keys was born January 14-1812
Elizabeth Keys was born February 22-1815
Margaret Keys was born September 29-1834
George Berry Keys was born April 29-1836
Roger Russell Keys was born February 7-1838
Isabelle Francis Keys was born March 27-1839
John McChesney Keys was born March 22-1840
Samuel Jesse Keys was born October 10-1841
Susan Rachel Keys was born May 24-1843
Mary Elizabeth Keys was born November 22-1844 (Grandmother of Mary M. Owen) *
Benjamin Marion Keys was born March 22-1845
William Henry Keys was born July 17-1849

Group 3, Page 2
Charles Washington Keys was born May 27-1850
Sarah Catherine Keys was born February 15-1854
Benjamin Keys died November 12-1857
Elizabeth Keys died March 6-1856
Samuel Jesse Keys died Friday May 21-1880
Mary Elizabeth Keys Owen died June 11-1921 - Beloit, Kans. *

*The information in parentheses by the birth of Mary Elizabeth Keys and the death entry for Mary Elizabeth Keys Owen were in a different handwriting and with different ink than all of the other entries.

Also with the Bible: [NOTE: Images not included here.]
Certificate of Death for Jennie Wynn Owen: 13 Jun 1884 – 9 Mar 1980

Newspaper with obituary for W H H Owen (Beloit Daily Call 30 Oct 1911) (William "Uncle Billy" Henry Harrison Owen 1840-1911)

Clipped newspaper article:
For Mrs. Boyles
Yesterday evening at seven o’clock Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Boyles gave a very elaborate dinner to about thirty friends and neighbors in honor of the eighty-second birthday of Mr. Boyle mother, Mrs. Polly Ann Boyles. The fine old lady has been a resident of Mitchell county for forty years _____ people who know her esteem it a______ privilege to be present at any ________ given in her honor.