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Edward and Lydia Pettit Manning Bible

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Philadelphia: William W. Harding, 1864.

These Bible records images were provided by Rex Bertram, the Indiana Genealogical Society County Genealogist for Jay County.

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New Testament
Of our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
Translated out of
The Original Greek:
And with
The former translations diligently compared and revised.

William W. Harding:

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Edward Manning and Lydia Pettit
Was married April 24th 1796

John Manning and Elisabeth Ostrander
Was married April 1st 1820

Edward S. Manning and Mary Manning
Was married

James Manning and Elisabeth Pittenger
Was married Feb. 27th 1823

Edmund P. Conrick and Harriet Manning
Was married March 12th 1829

William Perrine and Lydia Ann Manning
Was married Jan. 8th 1834

Henry Manning and Erwina E. Morrison
Was married Feb. 25th 1834
Jared H. Topping and Mary E. Conrick
Was married Oct. 17th 1853

J. Oscar Conrick and Nancy Larnard
Was married Sept. 16th 1868

Frank Conrick and Helen Thomas
Was married June 18th 1870

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Edward Manning was born May 2, 1771

Lydia Pettit was born May 6th 1771

Mary Manning was born April 21st 1797

John Manning was born Nov. 30th 1798

James Manning was born Feb. 5th 1801

Solomon Manning was born May 20th 1803

Harriet Manning was born Aug. 19th 1806

Henry Manning was born Jan. 13th 1810

Eliza Manning was born Mar. 6th 1812

Lydia Ann Manning was born Dec. 23rd 1814

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Edward P. Conrick was born Mar. 8th 1808

Mary E. Conrick was born Aug. 29 1833
J. Oscar Conrick was born Sept. 8th 1835

Frank Conrick was born July 19th 1846

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Solomon Manning died
Edward Manning died
Lydia Manning died
Mary Manning died
Soloman Manning died
John Manning died
James Manning died
Henry Manning died

Harriet Manning died Jany. 17th 1892
wife of E. P. Conrick

Lidia Ann Manning died
wife of William Perrine

Mary E. Conrick died April 11th 1892
wife of J. H. Topping

Edward P. Conrick died Jan 1st 1898

Frank Conrick (son of E. P.) died Jan. 13th 1900

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Jo Conrick died Feb. 26 1920

Mrs. Nannie M. Jany. 16 1939 2:30 pm.

Frank Conrick March 22 1942 5 PM
died at Warsaw, Mo.

John? Conrick
died at Chamberlain, S.D. Dec 28 1946 7 am

George Conrick died Kansas City, Mo. Nov. 1950