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Lyons Family Bible

Title Page
Family Page

The Student's Bible

(King James Version, with Copious Readings from the American Revised Edition)

With Marginal Notes of an Exhaustive Topical Analysis of all Passages, City Explanatory Footnotes with Numerous Subheadings and with References to All Related Scriptures.

Orville J. Nave, D.D., LL.D.
Anna Semans Nave, M.L.A.

Sixtieth Thousand
The Abingdon Press
New York, Cincinnati, Chicago

Verso of Title Page:

Copyright by
Orville J., Nave
All rights reserved.

Family Page:
Harold Lyons, June 5, 1913
Preston Lyons, Jr., June 30, 1915
Naomi Lyons, July 15, 1920
Annie Marcelle Lyons, Mar April 14, 1922
David Ditton Lyons, May 28, 1924
Joseph Henry Lyons, July 17, 1927
Hilda Justine Lyons, July 17, 1927
Herbert Curtis Lyons, March 8, 1929

Naomi Lyons, Nov. 11, 1940, 4:35 a.m., Monday a.m.
Annie Lindsay, Oct. 1964, 9:15 p.m.
Jessie Lindsay Lyons, Oct. 31, 1990
P. A. Lyons, Sr., Nov. 1986