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Logan Family Bible, Franklin County, Indiana

The Holy Bible. Published by E. Morgan and Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1848.

Purchased at a farm auction; in possession of anonymous owner.

Title Page
Parents Record

Franklin County, Indiana

Purchased at a farm auction; in possession of anonymous owner.

Note: The following abstract is for the user's convenience only; consult the actual scanned images for accurate interpretation of family entries.

Title Page:
The Holy Bible, Published by E. Morgan and Co. Cincinnati, Ohio 1848
Note: Front cover loose. Title page loose.

Inside Flyleaf: no entries
Back Flyleaf: non-family data notes

All pages examined for loose items and records.

Note: Capitalization and punctuation may vary from this transcript to the original text.

Family data begins following page 565.

"Parents' Record" page blank.

Note: following entries written in Persian blue ink.
William Logan Senr was Born March the 1st A.D. 1790
Delighty Logan was Born Nov the 25th A.D. 1822.
Jonathan Logan was Born Nov the 12 25th A.D. 1822.
William C. Logan Jun. was Born Nov 12th 1826.
Son Dec'd was Born May the 12th 1828
David O. Logan was Born July the 21st 1830.

Note: following entries written in iron gall ink.
William Logan. & Delighty Tharp was Married January 19th 1821
David. O. Logan & Harriet Price was Married January 10th 1854
James. J. Logan & Sarah Miller was Married February 7th. 1860
James. J. Logan & Rebecca McCrady was Married January 28th 1862

Jonathan Logan Died June 15th 1827
          Aged 4 years 6. months and 21. days
Infant Son of Wm. &. Delighty Logan Died Sept. 12th___
          Aged 4 M. & 7 days
Alison T. Logan Died Sept. 6, 1838
          Aged 4 years 2 Months and 1 day
William C. Logan Died Nov 29th 1853
          Aged 27 years and 17 Days.
William Logan Died March 25th 1858
          Aged 68 years and 24 Days
Delighty Logan Died August 20th 1860
          Aged 57 years and 10 Months.
Sarah Logan Died January 17th 1861.
          Aged 30 years 7 Months and 11 Days

Compiler's Notes:
No obituaries found for William and Delighty Logan. The following notice appears in the Brookville American: Volume 1 # 8, Friday, April 2, 1858 page 3 col 1: "Wm. Logan, and old and respected citizen of Brookville Township, died on Saturday last. Mr. Logan has been a resident of this County for about 40 years and has always maintained the respect and confidence of his friends and neighbors."