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Hiram B. and Louise Evaline (Miller) Ferverda Bible

The HOLY BIBLE or the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS containing the Authorized and Revised Versions In Parallel Columns Family Pronouncing Edition with Pictorial Illustrations and Aids for Readers and Students, W. C. Teeter, Publisher, Dayton, Ohio, 1886.

Ferverda Bible transcribed by Dawne Slater-Putt.

Presentation Page
Title Page
Marriage Record
Family Page
Loose Page
Photograph 1
Photograph 2
Photograph 3
Photograph 4

Holy Bible

Presentation Page
Presented To
Mrs. Eva Ferverda
By Hiram B. Ferverda

Title Page
or the
containing the
Authorized and Revised Versions
In Parallel Columns
Family Pronouncing Edition
Pictorial Illustrations and Aids for Readers and Students
W. C. Teeter, Publisher
Dayton, Ohio.

Copyrighted, 1889.

1st Family Page
This Certifies that
the Rite of
Holy Matrimony
was Celebrated between
Hiram B Ferverda of New Paris Ind
and Louise Evaline Miller of New Paris Ind
on 10th of March 1876 at 6 O.clock
by Rev" Bigler of Goshen[?] Ind
Witness Mrs Bigler Witness Miss Bigler

2nd Family Page
Roscoe H Ferverda & Effie Ringo
Married Feb 18th 1918

Margaret Ferverda & Chester H Glant
Married Sept 22nd 1920

Donald D Ferverda & Agnes B Ruple
Married Nov 24th 1920

George Miller Ferverda
& Lois Glant Married Nov 6th[?] 1922

3rd Family Page
Hiram B Ferverda and Louise Evaline Miller
Married March 10th 1876

Tom Dye & Edith Estella Ferverda
Married Aug 1st 1896

Lewis C. Hartman & Gertrud Ferverda
Married Aug 26th[?] 1903

Irvin Guy Ferverda & Jesse Hartman
Married Feb 14th 1904

Ira Otto Ferverda & Pearl Ferverda [Fredrickson written over by Ferverda]
Married June 28th 1904

Chloe Evaline Ferverda & Rolland Robison
Married Nov 11th 1908

John Whitney Ferverda & Edith Lore
Married Nov 18th 1908

Ray Edward Ferverda & Grace Driver
Married Jan 1st 1914

4th Family Page
Hiram B Ferverda Born Sept 21st 1855 [a 4 is written over the last 5]
Louise Evaline Miller Ferverda Born March 29th 1857
Ira Otto Ferverda Born Nov 2d 1877
Edith Estella Ferverda Born Aug 27th 1879
Irvin Guy Ferverda Born Jan 21st 1881
John Whitney Ferverda Born Dec 26th 1882
Elizabeth Gertrude Ferverda Born Dec 5th 1884
Chloe Evaline Ferverda Born Oct 23rd 1886
Ray Edward Ferverda Born May 29th 1891
Roscoe H Ferverda Born March 30th 1893
George Miller Ferverda Born July 22nd 1895
Donald D Ferverda Born July 21st 1899
Margueret Ferverda Born Jan 12th 1902

5th Family Page
Hiram B Ferverda. Died
June 7 1925
Irvin Guy Ferverda Died March [word March rubbed out]
March 12 1933
Donald D Ferverda, Died
Louise Evaline Miller Ferverda, Died
Dec 20-1939, 705 P.M.

6th Family Page
John D Miller Born April 6th 1812
Died Feb 10th 1902
Margaret Elizabeth Lentz Miller
Born Dec 31st 1822 Died July 4th 1903

1st loose paper
[Yellow lined page with writing in two or three different colors of ink and/or pencil; tear at top of page partially obliterates the word "half" in "Mother's half sisters"]
Mother's half sisters
Esther (Miller) Shively
Rebecca "
Elizabeth (Whitehead) Dubbs
Lucinda " Haney
Mary Jane " Ulery
Jane (Miller) Blough

1/2 Brother[s]
Samuel Whitehead
Emanuel "
Samuel Miller
1/2 Washington Miller.
[Mother?] Miller
Ira " Everett
Perry " Ott
[written along the side of the page]: One of Grandpa Miller's son's in the Civil War.

2nd loose paper
[Photocopied newspaper obituary of Ira O. Ferverda]
Ira O. Ferverda.
Ira O. Ferverda, 72, Spanish
American War veteran, and resi-
dent of the Leesburg vicinity most
of his life, died at the Soldiers'
Home, Lafayette, at 5:20 p.m.
Monday. He had been ill for the
past 20 years and death resulted
from complications.

Mr. Ferverda was born Nov. 2,
1877, in Kosciusko county, the son
of Hiram and Eva Ferverda, June
29, 1904, he was married to Miss
Pearl Fredrickson of Leesburg.
Mr. Ferverda, a farmer, was a
member of the Oswego Baptist
church and served in the Philip-
pines during the Spanish Ameri-
can War.

Surviving relatives are: The
widow; a son, Dean Ferverda, of
Leesburg; four brothers, Ray, of
Leesburg, John and Roscoe, of
Silver Lake, and George, of Walk-
erton; four sisters, Mrs. Chester
Glant, Sr., of Warsaw, Mrs. Tom
Dye and Mrs. Rollin Robinson, of
Leesburg, and Mrs. Lewis Hart-
Man, of Oswego, and two grand-
children, Robert and Thomas
Ferverda, of Leesburg. Two broth-
ers, Irvin and Donald Ferverda,
Leesburg, preceded him in death.

Funeral services will be held
at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Landis
Funeral home, Warsaw. Rev. E. D.
Kegerreis, minister of the Lees-
burg Methodist church will offi-
ciate and burial will be at Lees-
burg cemetery. Friends may call
at the funeral home after 7 p.m.
Tuesday until the time of the

1st photograph
Front – [photo of a baby sitting in the grass; no notations]
Back – [handwritten] [Bobie's?] First Picture
August 6, 1932
[stamped] Genuine
Photo Finish
Super Photo Service
Lake City Bank Bldg.
Warsaw, Indiana

2nd photograph
Front – [photo of two women standing near two pillars, one with a bell on top, and a small building that look to be fashioned out of fieldstone; no notations]
Back – [stamped] 22
Photo Service
Elkhart – Indiana

3rd photograph
Front – [photo of a woman seated on a porch; no notations]

4th photograph
Front – [photo of a group of 30 people standing in front of a porch; no notations; torn across the top]
Back – [handwritten] Dean F.
[the number "5" in a circle]