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David and Isabelle Cumming Beattie Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. New York: American Bible Society, 1857

These Bible records images were provided by Rex Bertram, the Indiana Genealogical Society County Genealogist for Jay County.

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Births (page 2)

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Holy Bible,
Containing the
Old and New Testaments;
Translated out of the original tongues,
And with
The original translations diligently compared
And revised

New York:
American Bible Society,
[?] in the year MDCCCXVI.
[???] 1857.

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Family Record

David Beattie to
Isabelle H. Cumming
May 12th 1853

Jas. McWilliams to
S. Alice Beattie
May 26 1885

R. H. McCready to
Isabella H. Beattie
June 21 1888

T. Cumming Beattie to
Ruby Miller
July 28 1891

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Family Record
David Beattie Dec. 27 1823
Isabella H. Cumming Nov 11 1826

Isabella Cumming McWilliams
March 12th 1886

Norman Beattie McWilliams
January 7th 1888

Alice Beattie McWilliams
December 8th 1889

Irene Truesdell McWilliams
Sept. 29th 1892

Eleanor McWilliams
July 18th 1894

David Beattie McCready
July 18, 1889

Isabella Cumming McCready
July 10, 1891

Robert William McCready
June 16, 1893

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Thomas Cumming Beattie
July 23rd 1854

Sarah Alice Beattie
June 30th 1857

Isabella Hamilton Beattie
March 31st 1859

William C. Beattie
July 27th 1862

James A. McWilliams
Born June 10th 1855
Died November 10th 1945

James Kenneth McWilliams
Born August 20, 1898

Beatrice Hamilton McWilliams
Born August 23, 1901

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Family Record

Wm. C. Beattie April 2 1892

Mrs. Isabelle H. Beattie Feb 26 1891

David Beattie June 19, 1894

Mrs. S. Alice Beattie McWilliams April 6, 1906

Thomas Cumming Beattie

Mrs. Isabella Hamilton Beattie MacCready, Sept. 20, 1956