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African American Studies College of Charleston
African Americans in New Orleans: Learning
Alabama History Education Materials: Slavery (lesson plan)
Biography of Rev. David Smith of the AME Church - Including History of Wilberforce University (Wilberforce University)
Brief History of Westside High School, 1920-1962 (Chadbourn, NC)
Brown v. Board of Education Handbook: Court Cases in Prelude to Brown, 1849-1949
Brown v. Board of Education Site
Carver High School & Junior College (Montgomery County)
Civil Rights: From Lincoln to Today
Denison Black Studies Program
Digital Collection Celebrating the Founding of the Historically Black College and University
Eleutherian College Classroom and Chapel Building (Underground Railroad)
Fisk University Rosenwald Fund Card File Database (African American schools)
Freedmen Schools in Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
History of African-American Education in Montgomery County
Lawrence County, Tennessee African-American Schools
National Council for Black Studies
New London County CT Archives History - Schools .....School For African American Children, Colchester
New Providence Colored School
North Carolina State Association of Colored Graduate Nurses (North Carolina State Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, Inc., 1935)
Raw Essence: African American Genealogy Resources Online (Bladenburg, NC Colored school photos)
Rosenwald School Legacy (African American schools)
Rosenwald School Plans (African American schools)
Rosenwald Schools (African American schools)
Rosenwald Schools Digital Collection in Southern Places (African American schools)
Rosenwald Schools in Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture (African American schools)
Rosenwald Schools in North Carolina (African American schools)
Rosenwald Schools Initiative (African American schools)
Rosenwald Schools Mapping Project Receives National Park Service African American Civil Rights Grant
Rosenwald Schools: An Impressive Legacy of Black-Jewish Collaboration for Negro Education
Rosenwald Schools: Preservation Maryland
South Carolina African Americans � Historically Black Schools and Libraries
South Carolina's Rosenwald School Buildings Database (African American schools)
Student Roster of Needmore (colored) School
Talladega College
United States Colored Troops Lesson Plan
University of Kentucky African American and Africana Studies
Wilberforce University (oldest black university)
Wilson-Blair African American One Room School, Grove St., Fredonia, Ky.


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