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Able-Seaman William Neilson Edward Hall
Abolition of Slavery in Canada
African American Exodus to Canada in OK Historical Society's Encyclopedia of OK History & Culture
African Canadian Heritage Association
African Nova Scotian Diaspora: Selected Government Records of Black Settlement, 1791-1839
African Nova Scotian Settlement
Black History Awareness Society: British Columbia
Black History in Canada
Black Loyalist Heritage Society
Breaking The Chains
Canada and Slavery
Canadian Settlements: Freedom Marker
Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society
Conjugal Slavery in War
End of the Line: Canada and the Underground Railroad
Enslaved Africans in Upper Canada
Freedom Narratives of the Atlantic Slave Trade
From Revolution to Reconstruction: Testimony of the Canadian Fugitives
John Freeman Walls Historical Site and Underground Railroad Museum
Library and Archives Canada Black History Month
Nanaimo African Heritage Society
Remembering Black Loyalists, Black Communities in Nova Scotia
Shaping a Community: Black Refugees in Nova Scotia
Slavery and Freedom in Atlantic Canada’s African Diaspora
Slavery in Canada? I Never Learned That!
Slavery to Freedom
Underground Railroad
Virtual Museum of New France: Slavery
William Hall, VC (Maritime Museum of the Atlantic)


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