This data file includes the ancestry of Michael Barren Clegg with special emphasis on the West Virginia families of Brannon, Campbell, Cromwell, Deboy, Early, Haverty, Hill, Kincaid, Lewis, Looman, Naylor, Stallman, Taylor, and Vaughn.

The information contained in this file is the work of Michael B. Clegg, his relatives and other researchers over the past forty years. It includes all of my ancestors and relatives I have been able to identify as of the end of April 2015. I will be updating the information at least annually as the work continues. My main area of interest beyond my direct lines is the Kincaid family. My grandmother, Martha Ecel Kincaid, instilled a great sense of the worth of family in me. My sources include, but aren't limited to, living persons, secondary sources, and original records.

Additions and corrections are welcome. I am neither related to everyone in this database, nor am I a chief compiler on some of the families included herein. The only information lacking citation is that from my personal knowledge or that of another living person, or in some cases a misplaced citation. In some instances other sources were consulted to verify these assertions. Although all of the labor that went into creating this database is my own, I have borrowed from others, especially when searching associates of my families. Contact information: Michael B. Clegg, 6633 Quail Ridge Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46804. 260-436-3234.

A word about searching this database: Please be creative in the spelling of names as I have used standardization in some cases and in other cases used the name as it was spelled on the document. Persons of African-American descent are noted in the index as having the post-nomials col., mul., or slave after the surname. These labels were found in the sources for these individuals and are not intended to mean anything else other than as designators to identify that person from another.