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Fred and August Oehrling 1887

Hattie Earling Dogs 1890s

Wilhelm Seyring 1893

Fillmore Turner Hall Presentation 1898

Hattie Oerhling and Marcellus Byrne 1908

Elvier Margaret and Mrs. Clough 1909

Margaret Dorothy Clough 1909

Mrs. Fitch 1920s

Earling and Fitch Newsprint 1921, 1924, 1925

Fillmore Farmhouse 1923

President Harding and H.R. Earling July 02, 1923

Elvier and daugher 1929

Fillmore Farmhouse Family 1930s

Harriet Earling Dake remembered 1962

Harriet Earling Fitch Thwaits Dake

May 25, 1963 newsprint

Roy B. Earling Rites Set 1964

Fitch Estate June 28, 1977

Augusta on Lake

Augusta Schwarz Oehrling and sisters

Clara Earling with twins Velma Vernice

Elvier and Harry Earling

Elvier Earling

Elvier Walter Earling and Manly Anderson

Fred Earling and sons

Grandma and Grandpa Bruschke

Hattie's children

Hugo Bruschke

Jerry and Manly Anderson

Rose Lake Family Picture

Rose Lake School

Alice W. Freida S. Grandma Bruschke Nancy W. Getzin

Schwarz, Bruschke, Wedemeyer, Getzin

Schwarz, Bruschke, Wedemeyer, Getzin

Possibly Carl Schwarz