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SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
HeffnerLilliam Kay (Kinkley)12/17/19004/29/1953
HughesClara Jeanette (Kinkley)18751938Henry Hughes - 6/14/1898
HughesJennie19011905d/o Clara
HughesPhyllis19111937d/o Clara
KinkleyAdah Margaret5/20/19071/27/1922d/o Robert & Edith
KinkleyChristopher12/29/18369/16/1909Cpl Co D 71st Reg - US Army - Civil War
KinkleyDella "Dellie"6/26/1880
KinkleyEdith G (Hall)5/18/18761/15/1969w/o Robert S
KinkleyJennie H (McKaig)8/21/18402/3/1919w/o Christopher
KinkleyMaryd/o Christopher & Jennie
KinkleyRobert S10/24/187012/24/1947
KinkleyThomas5/26/1873d/o Christopher & Jennie
KinkleyVictor4/18/189710/28/1900s/o Howard & Myrtie
McKaigEben B4/20/18387/31/1915Cpl Co D 71st Reg OVI - US Army - Civil War
McKaigEllen O (Sheets)18501878w/o Eben B
McKaigEmma187011/18/1872d/o Eben & Ellen
McKaigHuldah E18743/8/1894
McKaigJay Francis2/2/184311/12/1909Pvt Co K 156th Reg OVI - US Army - Civil War
McKaigJohn FCo I 188th Reg - US Army - Civil War
McKaigMary Myrtle18723/12/1889d/o Eben & Ellen
PalmerD Benjamin18183/14/1846
PalmerHannah (Webb)17915/15/1838w/o Richard - 1809
PalmerHannah J (Hitchner)18231898w/o John W
PalmerJohn W18131869
PalmerJohn W18235/15/1869Pvt Co K 156th Reg OVI - US Army - Civil War
PalmerJoseph181911/12/1898Pvt Co K 156th Reg OVI - US Army - Civil War

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