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SurnameFirst NameObituary DateNotes
KELLYAlfred12/03/1859FWWS p. 2
KELLYAnn Mrs05/15/1884d~~a 58y~~Wayne T
KELLYAugustus D.08/04/1894FWDS p. 1
KELLYAxa E.06/18/1894FWDS p. 1
KELLYBasil10/19/1892FWWS p. 6
KELLYBenjamin02/13/1896FWDS p. 2
KELLYCatharine02/01/1874d~~a 5y~~b in City
KELLYCatherine02/11/1874FWWS p. 3
KELLYChristopher03/31/1899d~~a 85y~~82 Madison...b in Celbridge, County Kildare, ireland 12-17-1814...sur., wid & ch.-Frank; Sister Margaret, Terre Haute, formerly Kitty Kelly; John and Mrs J K Ross, desc
KELLYChristopher04/01/1899FWDS p. 2
KELLYChristopher04/03/1899FWDS p. 2
KELLYClaude12/27/1894f~~79 W Third St...U B Church
KELLYClaude01/02/1895FWWS, part 2, p. 2; 10 y, son of Wm.
KELLYClaude Theodore12/27/1894FWDS p. 1
KELLYCoan09/27/1893FWWS p. 2
KELLYDaniel07/30/1891f~~204 E Wayne...Cathedral
KELLYDavid11/26/1890FWWS p. 3
KELLYDouglass01/26/1899FWDS p. 3
KELLYEdward09/04/1894FWDN p. 4
KELLYEllen09/27/1875d~~a 37y~~w of Timothy, 20 Brandriff
KELLYGeorge03/00/1878d~~a 17y~~
KELLYHelen G04/14/1895d~~a 3m 7d~~ch of Robert E
KELLYHelen G.04/15/1895FWDN p. 1
KELLYHelen G.04/15/1895FWDS p. 1
KELLYJames07/20/1881FWWS, p. 3, d~~a 14y~~s of Christopher
KELLYJames10/19/1892FWWS p. 3
KELLYJohanne06/00/1872d~~a 2y~~
KELLYJohanne07/06/1872FWDS p. 4
KELLYJohanne07/06/1872FWS p. 4
KELLYJohn09/27/1894FWDN p. 1
KELLYJohn09/27/1894FWDS p. 4
KELLYJohn08/16/1896f~~St Patrick's Church
KELLYJohn12/17/1897FWDS p. 2
KELLYJohn M02/24/1893d~~w & 3 ch sur
KELLYJohn M.03/01/1893FWWS p. 1
KELLYJohn T02/28/1892f~~a 84y~~81 Hoagland... b in Ireland
KELLYJohn T.01/04/1893FWWS p. 1
KELLYJonathan T.03/02/1892FWWS p. 3
KELLYKatie04/18/1882f~~dau of Timothy, 20 Brandriff
KELLYMaria07/31/1890d~~a abt, Christopher
KELLYMary08/02/1890FWS p. 1
KELLYMichael07/21/1873d~~a 61y~~
KELLYMichael07/23/1873FWWS p. 3
KELLYMichael05/07/1883d~~a 25y~~82 Madison
KELLYMichael02/14/1890FWS p. 4
KELLYMichael02/20/1890f~~181 E Jefferson...Anna E adm
KELLYMrs. Dennis [addie]06/11/1894FWDS p. 1
KELLYNaomi S.01/16/1890FWS p. 4
KELLYPatrick09/14/1871FWDS p. 2
KELLYPatrick09/14/1871FWS p. 2
KELLYPatrick09/17/1878d~~a 76y~~203, Marshall
KELLYPeter09/14/1892FWWS p. 7
KELLYPhillip02/05/1866d~~a 28y~~
KELLYRobert09/11/1890FWS p. 4
KELLYSallie10/11/1887FWDG, p. 3; d~~a 17thy~~dau of Daniel, E Wayne
KELLYThomas07/10/1892d~~a 64y~~Pleasant T...5 dau sur
KELLYThomas07/13/1892FWWS p. 4
KELLYThomas10/04/1893FWWS p. 8
KELLYTimothy01/20/1876d~~a 16y~~s of John, 81 Hoagland
KELLYTimothy11/00/1878d~~a 43y~~
MCKELLYAlice Mrs02/02/1899f~~31 W DeWald St...res of sis, Mrs P A Taylor...Episcopal Church
MCKELLYJames (Mrs.)02/01/1899FWDG, p. 5; ~~f
SKELLYMary09/28/1888d~~dau of P S, 11 McClellan
SKELLYMrs. James03/08/1899FWDS p. 2
SKELLYNaomi01/15/1890d~~dau of John, McKeesport, Pa...dau of James Kane, City
SKELLYPhillip Mrs06/06/1879d~~a 40y~~Sturgis St

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