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PageText LTR042Circle City, Alaska
Nov 2nd 1898

Dear Bro.

I write hoping to find all well as this leaves me the same. I wrote you from Dawson in June. I will not have your reply from it, so I think as it is shakey to get mail from there with out sending $ I wrote you from here in Aug. I sent out by Friend. No mail in or out since Aug 30th. Winter is on us. snow 6 in. for 1 mo. down below zero from 5 (deg) to 40 (deg) some time in day or night for 2 wks. no wind as yet. snow fine as flour very light, does not snow when it is cold. River ran floe ice. for 3 wks it has stopped & been froze over for 10 days can't travel on it until it snows at least 1 ft as it is very rough like large Boulders two on one. We are comfortable, plenty grub, clothes, wood, etc., & a fine cabin double Door opening in a single one out & storm shed in front to hold cut wood. Keep 1 mos. wood cut a head, 1 wk wood in house all times (double window) form a vacuum, clear all time, air course to carry off steam in center of Roof 4 x 6 in, 75 U.S. Regulars here came on last Boat, its here now. on sept. 30th & 60 at Rampart below here, two Steamers Kerr & Seattle on Bar below. I guess they are or will be lost 30 miles from here & one above here 40 mile. Name Tacoma. got on one here return when empty & ice came before she got off. are taking out her machinery now its wise move. Two here Sovereign and Victoria could not get up or back again to Fort Yukon so are here, they may make it OK as two in same fix done so last winter. Well been busy some. Was up to 4tn July 125 mi above here on Yukon on a Stampede on last streamer up, Sept 25th & took small boat to drift back in 30 hrs. stop only to cook on return got a Town lot No. 5 corner. No. 2 below discovery on Republican Creek, its Main Creek also No. 4 above discovery on Monday Creek a Tributary of Republican, putting in at No. 12 above, on return refused 75$ for lot cost $250 also $500.00 for claims refused. My pard of course owns 1/2 in all I deeded to him. tonight we recd an undivided 1/2 interest on Monday for some interest on Loeper Creek. No. 30 above out in this district & start out in 3 days to put down some holes on a Virginia Creek, putting in at paying mines on Independence Creek. We will stake first its a tip from Friend here old timer, quite a lot claims selling of 4 July, big surface prospects, expect to get news any time now of their getting down to bed rock, although travel is bad, I got good prospets up there. Town is quiet. I made two fur caps for Pard & self, you can guess how they fit & look. Moccasins $3.00 pr. we got 6 pr & 2 small pr. for cabin & 2 pr shoe packs, we expect to work on Independence or Mastadon in this district for Friends of mine 60 or 70 days run $10.00 day, but, if they dig up our ship on 4 July, we will hold the sack. Mining is slow. Where is Williams & Morgan at do you know, our map will be fair we have 3 cans Turkee same amt Chix 2 can cranberry sauce, a 2 Ib can plum pudding, 2 green onions, some can sausage & mackerel, 2 kgs pickles, bottle onions, so we are happy anyway, only I my Pard says he will make a pie. I've been considering, in what to lay him out in. Freeze him I guess, so I told him. his Friends may prevail on him to desist but am afraid he's to head strong, poor boy, yes pie. he is now rehearsing it. is serious, its a nice sight to see the dog teams pulling. Bells on. They work so faithfully (some) others are cunning, hang back, never let native dog see you getting collar or harness or good bye dog. he will go hide for days or wks & keep clear of your place, only feed at night when work is over otherwise n.g. all day. Cant travel, it don't seem so cold. 30 below is I think about zero in Gods Country. I guess I will have to cut my mustache off. I dislike to do it. its on now about 16 years, it freezes solid & is dangerous to wear in travel, all cut them off. cap comes around back neck & around ears to center chin & small 1/2 inch fur over nose not to near end. Furs are only good to ride in or put on when finished your journey. Parqua to travel in. Made of common drilling shaped like the Mother Hubbard the Dear Thing, wear Hood to head small piece Fur around hood puckering string around neck is light to wear & turns wind and very much resembles a bale of hay with Middle Hoop Busted, so I must be a handsome looking animal in one.

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