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GlassKathryn M. d. 5-24-1974; in. 5-27-1974; bp. Fort Wayne, Ind.; lr. 2903 Shawnee Dr.; mor. Mungovan & Sons, South; next of kin Oliver E. Glass, husband; a. 73 yrs.; bd. 9-12-1900; sex fem.; ms. mar.; sec. D; lot 217; ch. St. Patrick
GlasserAnnad. June 25, 1910 -sec. sg, pg.
GlassleyAmos W.d. July 20, 1963 -in. July 23, 1963 -bp. South Whit- ley, Ind. -lr. FW -mo. McComb -a. 72y -b. Feb. 17, 1891 -ms. m. sec. K -ln. 225 -ch. St. Mary.
GlassleyAnnad. July 20, 1963 -in. July 23, 1963 -bp. FW -lr. FW - mo. McComb -a. 71y -b. Feb. 27, 1892 -ms. m. -sec. K -ln. 225 - ch. St.Mary.

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