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Sawtell, Zephaniah, Diary, May 10, 1861 - December 30, 1862

May 10, 1861
Our Company left Salem to Newport report at Indianapolis. Speeches were made by several persons. We arrived at Indianapolis at 4 o'clock then went to the State House and from there to Camp Sullivan.

May 11, 1861
We drew grub and were sworn in the State Services for one year.

May 13, 1961 Preaching in our quarters.

May 24, 1861
Our Company on guard for the first.

June 7, 1861
Was sworn in for three years by Col. Sullivan.

June 10, 1861
Was examined physically by Dr. Gale and sworn in by Maj. Wood of the US Army.

July 4, 1861
Got orders to leave for the seat of War.

July 5, 1861
Passed through Daton, Columbus and Bainvill (Byeville) and got to Bellair, Ohio at sundown and crossed the river to Benwood (West Virginia).

July 6, 1861
Left Benwood at daylight and passed through Grafton (West Virginia) and got to Clarksburg (West Virginia) and pitched our tent.

July 7 & 8, 1861
Went to Buckanon (Buckhanon, West Virginia).

July 9, 1861
We left Buckhanon to go to Camp McClellan.

July 11, 1861
Marched all day over the mountains and through the rain to get in the rear of the Rebs at Burch Mountains. Got behind them in the evening and fought them on the summit of Burch Mountain.

July 12, 1861
Today is spent in burry the dead and finding trophies.

July 13, 1861
We marched to Beverly and camped.

July 23, 1861
Left Beverly and went to Cheat Mountain Pass and made a camp.

July 29, 1861
Our Company was sent to guard a bridge at Huttonsville (West Virginia).

August 16, 1861
John Wolf died and was buried in Military Honors.

August 21, 1861
Jhon Robinson went home on a discharge.

August 29, 1861
Started to Bradies Gate. Marched all night.

August 31, 1861
Started for camp at dark. Got about half way and camped till AM.

September 1, 1861
Got to camp at noon.

September 3, 1861
Left Cheat Mountains for Shaffer Mountain. Got to Beverly at dark.

September 4, 1861
Left Beverly and marched all day. Got lost at night. Slept in the pass that went over the mountain.

September 5, 1861
Got to the summitt of Shaffer Mountain.

September 6, 1861
Returned to Beverly. Go to the camp til 7.

September 12, 1861
The Rebels advancing on us. We throw up entrenchments.

September 13, 1861
We start to cut our way through to the 142nd on the summitt, but found no Rebels only a few dead. One that had been killed in a skirmish.

September 14, 1861
Our Company went to guard the bridge across Cheat River. The remainder went to camp and moved to Elk Water.

September 15, 1861
We left the bridge and started to Elk Water. Got there at dark.

September 26 & 27, 1861
Went to Mingo Flats and returned at Kainor ______.

September 30, 1861
Jhon Hardin died.

October 2, 1861
Went to Camp Kimbar or Kimbal and stayed until Midnight.

October 3, 1861
We left Camp Kimbal for Green Brier (Greenbrier, West Virginia). Commenced to bomb the Rebs at 8 AM. Ceased at 12 and returned to camp.

October 4, 1861
Got to our old camp.

October 8, 1861
Was paid off for the first time.

October 10, 1861
Went to Huttonville and pitched our tents.

October 29, 1861
We started on a march with four days ration. Camped at Elk Water. Here we only was to be gone 4 days. But by some mistake we was gone 9 days. Was out of grub 5 days. We marched all the time over the mountains with only a foot path for a guide. On the last day which was November 6, 1861 we marched from Middle Fox Bridge to Huttonville. Distance 25 miles. It rained all day.

November 12, 1861
We commenced to build winter quarters at Camp Foster.

November 25, 1861
Got our pay and went to Beverly. Got quarters in an old Hotel.

December 13, 1861
The Battle of Allegheny was fought.

December 18, 1861
We started to Webster. Camped at Laurell Hill.

December 19,1861
Got to Phillippi.

December 21, 1861
Went Webster and left on the cars at night.

December 22, 1861
Passed through Cumberland (West Virginia) and got to Green Spring Run.

January 4, 1862
Went to Sir Johns Run to Reinforce the 39th, but had to retreat back to Green Spring Run.

January 8, 1862
Went to Patterson Creek AM.

January 9, 1862
Commended to fortify opposite Patterson Creek.

January 24, 1862
Marched to North Branch Bridge.

January 30, 1862
W.R. Toppin promoted to Second Lieut. Company G.

February 5, 1862
Paid off for two months.

February 6, 1862
Left Camp North Branch Bridge to go to Green Spring Run.

February 7, 1862
Left GSR and went to PawPaw.

February 8, 1862
The remainder of our Brigade came to us.

February 13, 1862
Left PawPaw to go to Bloomery Gap and got to North River at daylight.

February 14, 1862
Got to the Great Cacapon River, but the Rebels had been routed by another party. We returned to Camp that night.

February 18, 1862
Four Companies B.E.D. and G. was ordered out and got on the cars and went to South Branch Bridge. And scouts all around and returned to the Bridge and stayed in some old houses. We remained here several days.

February 26, 1862
The Bridge over Patterson was burned.

February 27, 1862
Company G and E went to Springfield and returned.

March 1, 1862
Returned from the bridge to Camp Chase at PawPaw (West Virginia).

March 2, 1862
General Lander died. Our best guarded the corpse.

March 3, 1862
Attended the funeral. All the troops was out. Fired 9 guns.

March 5, 1862
Left Camp Chase and went to Back Creek and waited for a bridge to be built. The old bridge had been blown up by the Rebels.

March 6, 1862
Crossed the creek and went to Martinsburg (west Virginia) via North Mountain. Got to Martinsburg at midnight.

March 7, 1862
Went through the town and looked at the ruins of railroad and engines.

March 10, 1862
12 of our company went out on a scout.

March 11, 1862
Started to Winchester was in the rear of our forces.

March 12, 1862
Winchester vacated by the Rebels and our troops occuppied it.

March 18, 1862
Left Winchester went to Middletown and had a skirmish. Camped at Cedar Creek.

March 19, 1862
Went to Strasburg. Skirmished a little.

March 20, 1862
They returned to Camp.

March 21, 1862
Our Company sent on picket.

March 22, 1862
The Rebels opened fire on us. Ceased firing at sundown. Shields was wounded.

March 23, 1862
The Ball (battle) opened at ten O'clock near Kernstown. The infantary went in at 3 O'clock. Our Regiment closed the battle and the Rebels retreated at night.

March 24, 1862
We followed them as far as Cedar Creek.

March 25, 1862
We persue them to Strasburg and came 4 miles South.

April 1, 1862
Left Camp Shields 4 miles South of Strasburg and went to Edinburg and camped.

April 2, 1862
Skirmished all day.

April 12, 1862
Review by General Shields.

April 13, 1862
Thanksgiving Day in the Army.

April 14, 1862
Orders to march with 4 days ration. Inspection by Major Armstrong.

April 16, 1862
Signed the payrolls and got our pay in the night.

April 17, 1862
Started on a march at one O'clock AM. Went from Mt. Jackson in the rear of New Market. Could not cross the river.

April 18, 1862
Forded the River and went to New Market and camped one mile from town.

April 24, 1862
Heavy snowing all day.

April 26, 1862
Left New Market and went to Columbian Bridge.

April 28, 1862
Went on a scout to the Burnt Bridge.

May 2, 1862
General Sullivan got his commission to Brig. General. He made a farwell speech to the 13th.

May 4, 1862
General O.S. Terry takes command of the Second Brigade. Rebels reported to be advancing.

May 7, 1862
Our picketts run in. The Thirteen sent out and got in an ambushcade at Drogetown.

May 10, 1862
Turned over our tens to the quartermaster.

May 11, 1862
Got news of the capture of Norfolk and the Merrimac.

May 12, 1862
Left the Bridge and camped at Luray (Virginia).

May 13, 1862
Left Luray and marched and camped on Goosey Creek.

May 14, 1862
Left Camp and went to Front Royal.

May 15, 1862
Left Front Royal and crossed the Blue Ridge.

May 17, 1862
Left where we camped on the 16th and went to Warrenton County Seat Fauquier County.

May 18, 1862
Left Warrenton and went to Cattlets Station (Virginia) here we lay over one day.

May 19, 1862
Left Cattlets Station and marched 15 miles and camped.

May 22, 1862
Got to Falmouth (Virginia) opposite Fredricksburg.

May 23, 1862
President Lincoln and Secretary Stanton visited our troops. Our Division on review.

May 25, 1862
Left Falmouth on our way back to Front Royal. Camped at our old camps.

May 26, 1862
Get to Catletts Station and stopped for supper and went on six miles and camped.

May 27, 1862
Got to the junction at 12 AM and went on to Hay Market to camp.

May 28, 1862
Left Hay Market and went to Rectortown and camped.

May 29, 1862
Left Rectortown at dark and stopped at Manassa Gap.

May 30, 1862
Passed through the Gap and camped at Front Royal.

June 1, 1862
Left Front Royal to go to Luray.

June 2, 1862
Got to Luray.

June 5, 1862
Left Luray and went to Columbian Bridge.

June 8, 1862
Left camp at dark and went 6 miles and bivouaced for the night.

June 9, 1862
Went to Port Republic to cover the retreat of the 3rd and 4th brigade.

June 10, 1862
Got back to the bridge and camped.

June 11, 1862
Got to Luray and camped. Here we stayed a few days.

June 15, 1862
Left Luray to go to Front Royal.

June 17, 1862
Got back to Front Royal.

June 19, 1862
Got our pay for March and April.

June 21, 1862
Left Front Royal and camped at Markham Station on the M & G RR.

June 22, 1862
Left Markham Station and camped at White Plains.

June 23, 1862
Left White Plains and camped at Gainsville.

June 24, 1862
Left Gainsville and marched a few miles and waited for a bridge to be built over Bullrun.

June 25, 1862
Got to Manassas Plains and camped.

June 28, 1862
Left Manassas Plains and went to Alexandria.

June 29, 1862
Went to the warf and laid there all night.

June 30, 1862
Got on the Steamer Bushwich and left at noon. We had pretty weather and got to Fort Monroe.

July 1, 1862
Got to Fort Monroe at 9 PM an anchored.

July 2, 1862
Left Fort Monroe and went to Harrisons Landing.

July 3, 1862
Skirmished all day and went on picket at night.

July 4, 1862
Our company worked all day slashing timber.

July 6, 1862
We went near the river and made a camp. Here we work in the slashing day and night.

July 8, 1862
President Lincoln visited McClellan. A salute was fired from several batteries.

August 7, 1862
Went on picket on the Bottom Bridge Road and was kept on until the 15th. Then we went to our old camp and stayed all night.

August 16, 1862
Left Harrisons Landing and came by the C.C.C.H.

August 17, 1862
Crossed the Chicahomy on the Pontoon Bridge.

August 18, 1862
Came through Williamsburg, Virginia.

August 20, 1862
Arrived at Yorktown. Looked at all the old walks there. We camped near there.

August 24, 1862
Left Yorktown and camped between Hampton City and Fort Monroe.

August 30, 1862
Left Fort Monroe on the Steamer Stepping Stone and went to Suffolk up the Nansemon (Nansemond)

October 2, 1862
Started to Black Water.

October 3, 1862
Had a skrimish at Franklin on the Black Water.

October 4, 1862
Returned to camp.

October 24, 1862
We started to Black Water. Marched all night and returned on the 26th.

November 1, 1862
We walk on Fort Halleck.

November 7, 1862
Snowing very hard and very cold.

November 17, 1862
Was at work on Fort Halleck. Ordered in to go to Black Water.

November 18, 1862
Shelled Franklin.

November 19, 1862
After marching all night we returned to camp.

November 24, 1862
Our Company went on picket and 12 went to Lake Drummond to capture canal boats.

December 11, 1862
Got orders to go to Black Water. Marched all night.

December 12, 1862
Crossed the River and took 13 prisioners. Returned to Winsor (Windsor).

December 13, 1862
Go to back to camp.

December 30, 1862
Our brigade commenced leaving Suffolk the 67 o mer int- - -?

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