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Bradley, Maggie, Allen County, Indiana

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East Liberty Allen Co Ind
May 8th /65

Dear Friend

Last Friday I was made the [illegible] of the 30th inst & will respond to the same by return of mail. I enjoy good health at present & was glad on receiving your welcome letter to learn that you were partaking of the same blessing. The general health is good here at present. We still have wet weather, rains every few days & is very muddy. It is very discouraging to farmers, but it is their duty to make the most of it without murmuring. Yesterday John's funeral was preached. The church was crowded & a good many out doors. It was a very solemn occasion, our minister having himself lost a very interesting boy about a week ago & he alluded to it several times. It made the occasion still more solemn. He preached from the text found in Romans 14th chapter, 7th & 8th verses.

You wanted to know if I thought a certain person enjoyed the life of a stray. That is the kind of life he is leading at present but as to whether he enjoys it or not I can't say, but I should not think he did. I presume he will be ashamed to see any of the 89th again. I guess the 89th is well rid of him. Last Thursday I was in Decatur when the mail came in & the papers said that the last rebel had laid down arms & that our soldiers all they can spare would be discharged on the 15th of May. The left wing of Sherman's Division has been discharged. WonÕt there be some glad people when the soldiers get home. You said there was going to be a raid made through Ohio next fall & who I thought they would be. Well I presume two of them will be D. W. Smith & J. Bradley & some others. R. M. and M. E. Bradley also intends to make a raid through the County of Wayne if nothing occurs to prevent us between this and next fall. Molly Vanest is coming out to stay with Mrs. Weiler till Mr. Weiler comes home. I would like to see her again. She is a firstrate girl. Well David, there is nothing very important going on, no singing school or any thing of the kind to attract the attention of the young people. I have only been to one singing since the 89th went away. Do you remember the last singing we had it was the last night you were here before you started to the land of dixie. I wish the gallant 89th would get home soon, then there would be some lively times again. Co. H has grown small but still the most of our associates are left yet. Your regiment has been in a battle or skirmish since I last wrote to you. I heard that there was two killed & a few wounded. One of the killed was C. Cowan, the other is unknown to me. There is to be some kind of a show in Monroeville tonight. I presume it will be a Humbug. Wednesday night there is preaching in Liberty. There was a meeting there Saturday night but it rained & thus we were hindered from going. Four weeks from tomorrow we will have communion service preparatory exercises commencing on Friday, preaching Saturday night. Mr. E. W. Earick is very sick. Mrs. Sudy Brown is crazy. She had the measles first and now she is insane. I suppose your folks are well. They were all out to church yesterday. David Kennedy is going to school in Pittsburg. There was a Pittsburg gentleman here yesterday. He lives in Monroe art present. He is paying attention to R. M. B. Well as I have written about all I can think off, I will be compelled to quit. Your letter is excusable & also very acceptable. Will you excuse this [illegible] dear friend. If worthy, will you answer soon. From your friend, Maggie E. Bradley to Mr. David W. Smith.

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