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Civil War Soldiers of Allen County: Images from the Mark Weldon Collection

These photographs were collected by Mark Weldon, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The images were loaned to the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society in September 2003 for copying. Permission has been granted to the Historical Society to use these images for its educational purposes (primarily for exhibit and publication) but they are not to be used by any other party without permission from the owner, Mark Weldon. Mr. Weldon gave permission to the Allen County Public Library to display these images on this web site for individual research purposes.

The soldiers have been identified either by the original owner of the photograph or by Mark Weldon and additional information provided based on research in the following references.

  • Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. Indianapolis: W. R. Holloway, 1866. Volumes 2-8, 1861-1865.
  • Charles F Bragg and Mark E. Neely, Jr. Memorial Record of Allen County Soldiers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. ND. Reprint ed., Fort Wayne, Indiana: Lincoln Museum, 1989.
  • T. B. Helm. History of Allen County, Indiana. Chicago: Kingman Brothers, 1880; reprint ed., Evansville, Indiana: Unigraphic Inc., 1972.

Aveline, Frank. 12th Indiana Infantry
Bentley, George W. 30th Indiana Infantry (photo 1)
Bentley, George W. 30th Indiana Infantry (photo 2)
Bentley, W. G. 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Boltz, Ferdinand F. 88th Indiana Infantry (photo 1)
Boltz, Ferdinand F. 88th Indiana Infantry (photo 2)
Bryant or Briant, Cyrus [?]. 88th Indiana Infantry
Coch, Augustus [?]. 16th Indiana Battery.
DuBarry, Hartman B. 88th Indiana Infantry
Dunn, Robert T. 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Greenamyer, Eli. 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Griswold, A.J. 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Hogarth, Thomas. 30th Indiana Infantry
Humphrey, George. 88th Indiana Infantry
Kinney, Joel F. 74th Indiana Infantry
Kirk, N.G. 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Lawton, Henry W. 30th Indiana Infantry
Leeper or Leaper, Robert T. 88th Indiana Infantry
Link, William H. 12th Indiana Infantry
Mather, Joseph. 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Morgan, Thomas H. 74th Indiana Infantry
Myers, James H. 23rd Indiana Battery
Nerhood, Mathias. 16th Indiana Battery
Reed, Hugh B. 44th Indiana Infantry (photo 1)
Reed, Hugh B. 44th Indiana Infantry (photo 2)
Robertson, Robert S. 93rd New York Infantry
Stribley, Edwin R. 30th Indiana Infantry
Swann, Robert W. 30th Indiana Infantry (photo 1)
Swann, Robert W. 30th Indiana Infantry (photo 1)
Whitaker, Joseph W. 30th Indiana Infantry
Zollinger, Charles A. 30th Indiana Infantry

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