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Allen County, Indiana Roll of Honor, 1882

From an article titled "Roll of Honor" in the Fort Wayne Daily Gazette of 30 May 1882, p. 6, cols. 2-3. The subtitle and introductory paragraph read:

"List of the Honored Dead Lying in Graves in Allen County and Under the Southern Sun."
"The following is a list of soldiers who have been interred in Lindenwood cemetery, as far as known:"

The article then goes on to name Civil War soldiers buried in other cemeteries in the county, and those who are buried in "southern graves."

Name Rank, Regiment Cemetery
Adams, Jesse30th Ind.New Haven
Adams, Seth142nd Ind.New Haven
Armstrong, John F.88th Ind."southern grave"
Aveline, F. H.Capt.Lindenwood, sec. B
Barcus, John L."southern grave"
Barney, Oscar88th Ind."southern grave"
Bass, S.Col.Lindenwood, sec. H
Bateman, IsaacLieut., 88th Ind.New Haven
Bayless, W. W.Lindenwood, sec. B
Becquette, Julian88th Ind."southern grave"
Bell, William12th Ind."southern grave"
Bentley, George W.Capt., 30th Ind.New Haven
Bingham, Edward D.30th Ind.New Haven
Bingham, N.12th Ind."southern grave"
Bishop, John88th Ind."southern grave"
Blase, William11th Batt."southern grave"
Bloomfield, William30th Ind."southern grave"
Bloomhuff, William142nd Ind.New Haven
Bonner, BarbaraHospital nurseLindenwood, sec. T
Boseker, John30th Ind."southern grave"
Bouse, Jabez88th Ind."southern grave"
Bowers, Jacob88th Ind."southern grave"
Bridgeman, Christopher30th Ind.New Haven
Brown, HenryEel River
Brown, Robert K.Eel River
Brownson, Albert5th Cav."southern grave"
Brudi, Christian F.142nd Ind.New Haven
Bundy, Joseph12th Ind."southern grave"
Burchfield, James30th Ind.New Haven
Burehfield, JosephLindenwood, sec. J
Burt, John C.Catholic
Butler, Henry88th Ind."southern grave"
Butler, John88th Ind."southern grave"
Butterfield, Ottis88th Ind."southern grave"
Button, Hiram88th Ind.New Haven
Carmer, Oliver P.Lindenwood, sec. D
Carvin, Abram88th Ind."southern grave"
Castem, D. M.Lieut., 88th Ind."southern grave"
Church, Isaac12th Ind."southern grave"
Cliner, S. P.Lindenwood, sec. T
Close, John M.88th Ind."southern grave"
Coburn, Harry A.Lindenwood, sec. B
Cole, William J.Lindenwood, sec. D
Cole, SamuelLindenwood, sec. S
Coleman, Augustus44th Ind."southern grave"
Coleman, William142nd Ind.New Haven
Coles, George129th Ind."southern grave"
Compton, John142nd Ind.New Haven
Conkright, Samuel88th Ind."southern grave"
Conrad, Mathias142nd Ind.New Haven
Corsen, Thomas74th Ind."southern grave"
Creditor, CharlesLindenwood, sec. B
Crumley, HenryLindenwood, sec. F
Cushing, KellCatholic
Davis, AnaniasLieut., 74th Ind."southern grave"
Davis, Jerome142nd Ind.New Haven
Demus, Francis142nd Ind.New Haven
Devese, Joseph30th Ind.New Haven
Devese, Thomas30th Ind.New Haven
Devine, Silas88th Ind."southern grave"
Diffendorfer, HenryEel River
Doran, John"southern grave"
Draeger, CharlesLindenwood, sec. T
Draker, AnthonyNew Catholic
Drauvelbis, JacobLindenwood, sec. T
Driver, William129th Ind.New Haven
Duckworth, James88th Ind."southern grave"
Dudley, CharlesLindenwood, sec. B
Dugley, Chas. E.88th Ind."southern grave"
Durbrow, James30th Ind.New Haven
Eckert, FrederickLindenwood, sec. D
Edmonson, MatthewLindenwood, sec. S
Elbrecht, Wm. H.Lindenwood, sec. T
Evard, LouisNew Haven
Evard, Leopold142nd Ind.New Haven
Evard, EmilNew Haven
Evard, Charles12th Ind."southern grave"
Farrell, WilliamCatholic
Feltz, EdwardLindenwood, sec. F
Fike, Tobias30th Ind.New Haven
Fitzsimmons, PatrickNew Catholic
Fletter, James W.129th Ind."southern grave"
Fletter, Samuel C.74th Ind."southern grave"
Foster, SidneyLindenwood, sec. S
Foster, George142nd Ind.New Haven
Fredline, Adam30th Ind.New Haven
Freeman, Samuel P.Lindenwood, sec. F
French, John H.129th Ind.New Haven
Fretenburg, John88th Ind."southern grave"
Frey, Henry74th Ind."southern grave"
Fulton, William30th Ind.New Haven
Gable, PhillipLindenwood, sec. B
George, ElizaHospital nurseLindenwood, sec. H
Godfrey, JamesCatholic
Goheen, John G.Lieut.Eel River
Goings, David88th Ind."southern grave"
Green, Willis129th Ind."southern grave"
Gronauer, Oliver J.74th Ind."southern grave"
Grosh, Jacob30th Ind.New Haven
Grume, AugustusLindenwood, sec. T
Haggerty, HughLindenwood, sec. J
Haines, John B.Lindenwood, sec. F
Hardendorf, JohnLindenwood, sec. F
Harper, SamuelNew Haven
Hatfield, Andrew88th Ind."southern grave"
Hatfield, William30th Ind.New Haven
Haubecker, DanielLindenwood, sec. F
Hauenstine, HenryLindenwood, sec. D
Hays, GeorgeMaysville
Hays, ThomasNew Catholic
Hendricks, Harmon H.Lindenwood, sec. F
Heney, GeorgeMaysville
Herrin, Herschel152nd Ind.New Haven
Hill, Marquis30th Ind.New Haven
Hill, Porter142nd Ind.New Haven
Hitchcock, Wm.Lindenwood, sec. S
Holmes, Byron30th Ind.New Haven
Hopple, Joseph88th Ind."southern grave"
Hull, GeorgeLindenwood, sec. B
Humphrey, Thomas30th Ind."southern grave"
Hutzell, ValentineLindenwood, sec. S
Hyde, Thomas30th Ind.New Haven
Iba, Wesley12th Ind."southern grave"
Irving, AlexanderNew Haven
Jamison, James H.30th Ind.New Haven
Johnson, Wilson H.5th Cav."southern grave"
Johnson, Samuel88th Ind."southern grave"
Johnson, JosephEel River
Johnson, James30th Ind.New Haven
Johnson, Edward88th Ind.New Haven
Jones, Charles M.Lieut.Lindenwood, sec. S
Jones, Wm.88th Ind."southern grave"
Josse, John M.Dr.Lindenwood, sec. R
Name Rank, Regiment Cemetery
Kagle, LeviLindenwood, sec. D
Kagle, John"southern grave"
Keefe, Dennis30th Ind.New Haven
Kelsey, John A.152nd Ind.New Haven
Kenyon, JeromeMaysville
Kern, Robt.5th Cav."southern grave"
Kickly, EdwardLindenwood, sec. D
Kimmont, CharlesMaysville
Kincade, WilliamLindenwood, sec. B
King, Paul T.88th Ind."southern grave"
Koenig, FredLindenwood, sec. T
Kumfer, JohnLindenwood, sec. S
Lallo, John142nd Ind.New Haven
Landis, SamuelLindenwood, sec. S
Langley, GeorgeBowers Chapel
Layman, Jacob88th Ind."southern grave"
LeFevre, IsaacCapt., 88th Ind."southern grave"
Link, W. H.Col.Lindenwood, sec. B
Livingston, SedgwickLieut.Lindenwood, sec. F
Lowrie, Samuel129th Ind."southern grave"
Lucey, MichaelCatholic
Lucy, Michael129th Ind."southern grave"
Lunceford, DavidOld Broadway
Marker, Mathias88th Ind."southern grave"
Marrette, Eleazer142nd Ind.New Haven
Mathews, Louis152nd Ind.New Haven
Maxwell, JohnEel River
McClintoch, Samuel88th Ind."southern grave"
McCrone, Anthony88th Ind."southern grave"
McDonald, DeGroffBowers Chapel
McDorman, William129th Ind.New Haven
McElfatrick, IsaiahCapt.Lindenwood, sec. F
McGowan, HughNew Catholic
McIntosh, MosesEel River
McIntosh, HenryEel River
Millege, James142nd Ind.New Haven
Miller, Casper12th Ind."southern grave"
Miller, Elias30th Ind.New Haven
Miner, S. P.Lindenwood, sec. B
Mitchel, Jackson30th Ind.New Haven
Mitten, Uriah142nd Ind.New Haven
Mook, John12th Ind."southern grave"
Morse, FrankLindenwood, sec. T
Nelson, James129th Ind."southern grave"
Nesbit, John W.30th Ind.New Haven
Notestine, HenryOld Broadway
Ober, Alonzo O.142nd Ind.New Haven
Ockelston, Thomas152nd Ind.New Haven
Patterson, John R.88th Ind."southern grave"
Peabody, ArthurHooley
Perizo, JohnCatholic
Pero, AugustCatholic
Phelps, Douglas L.Lieut., 30th Ind.New Haven
Pierson, Simon30th Ind.New Haven
Porter, TheodoreLindenwood, sec. F
Powers, Cromwell88th Ind.New Haven
Powers, OrrinNew Haven
Prindle, HarrisonMaysville
Renfrew, W. A.Lindenwood, sec. D
Riley, Henry5th Cav."southern grave"
Ringwalt, CharlesMaysville
Ryan, MichaelCatholic
Saner, HenryLindenwood, sec. T
Saunders, William12th Ind."southern grave"
Saunders, Wm.Lindenwood, sec. B
Scannel, John129th Ind."southern grave"
Schlaudroff, William30th Ind.New Haven
Schroeder, Henry88th Ind."southern grave"
Scoleo, Jeremiah30th Ind.New Haven
Scott, C. R.Lieut.Lindenwood, sec. F
Scott, Elias M.88th Ind."southern grave"
Scribner, Louis152nd Ind.New Haven
Scudder, Dorsey88th Ind."southern grave"
Sherwin, H. H.Dr., 2nd asst. surgeon, 152nd Ind.New Haven
Shook, Lewis44th Ind."southern grave"
Shorb, Jerry74th Ind."southern grave"
Shoub, Henry88th Ind."southern grave"
Shrever, Robert M.30th Ind.New Haven
Shultz, John30th Ind."southern grave"
Shultz, John30th Ind.New Haven
Simpson, John74th Ind."southern grave"
Sipes, Mahlon D.88th Ind."southern grave"
Skinner, Augustus142nd Ind.New Haven
Skinner, Myron30th Ind.New Haven
Slagle, Aaron P.Eel River
Slater, Isaac A.Lieut., 88th Ind."southern grave"
Slocum, Edmond44th Ind."southern grave"
Smith, John30th Ind.New Haven
Squires, Platt44th Ind."southern grave"
Stambo, Frederick142nd Ind.New Haven
Stewars, Jonathan12th Ind."southern grave"
Stewart, William"southern grave"
Stirk, Willmer J."southern grave"
Stopher, David K.Lieut., 44th Ind."southern grave"
Stough, Homer30th Ind.New Haven
Stratton, LouisLindenwood, sec. B
Strong, William30th Ind.New Haven
Tannehill, S. K.Capt.Lindenwood, sec. F
Taylor, Mortimer H.Lindenwood, sec. F
Thomas, Hiram88th Ind."southern grave"
Thompson, W. L. G.Lieut.Lindenwood, sec. F
Thompson, Milo129th Ind.New Haven
Thompson, John A.New Haven
Thompson, James Willis"southern grave"
Thompson, George11th Batt."southern grave"
Thurber, WilliamCatholic
Todd, Wm.Lindenwood, sec. J
Toms, HenryLieut.Lindenwood, sec. B
Totten, LeviLindenwood, sec. S
Trittipo, Jacob T.30th Ind.New Haven
Tubbs, CharlesLindenwood, sec. F
Turner, John88th Ind."southern grave"
Unknown soldier 1Catholic
Unknown soldier 2Catholic
Varier, Frank129th Ind."southern grave"
Vizard, MartinNew Catholic
Vogler, Joseph30th Ind."southern grave"
Wartenbee, Ephram B.142nd Ind.New Haven
Waterson, JeffersonEel River
Waugh, FranklinLake Chapel
Webster, John W.129th Ind.New Haven
West, JohnLindenwood, sec. D
Westerman, William L.Lieut., 142nd Ind.New Haven
Whiteleather, John142nd Ind.New Haven
Wilber, Charles S.30th Ind.New Haven
Wilcox, CharlesLindenwood, sec. S
Wise, HiramMaysville
Wise, EliMaysville
Woehler, John F.Lindenwood, sec. F
Worden, Ira44th Ind."southern grave"
Wright, EdwinLindenwood, sec. T
Yoder, David142nd Ind.New Haven
Zents, Thomas W.Lindenwood, sec. F

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