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Burials in the Military Section of Maple Grove Cemetery, Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky
List of Burials (by row)

NameBirth DateDeath DateInscription
James W. BanksOct. 12, 1888Nov. 17, 1951Kentucky, PFC, Co D, 801 Pion Inf, World War I
Robert S. BanksSept. 31 [sic], 1893Apr. 2, 1969Kentucky, Pvt, Co B, 15 Engineers, World War I
Charles Henry BarberNov. 15, 1922Feb. 18, 2006PFC US Army Air Forces, World War II
Everett Barbour, Jr.May 30, 1926Jan. 27, 1970Kentucky, Pvt, 3127 Engr Regt Bn, World War II
Holcy L. Bennett19101974S Sgt, US Army
Earl BishopOct. 11, 1895Dec. 30, 1960Kentucky, PFC, 25 Depot Svc Co, ASC, World War I
Leslie BoggsDec. 30, 1917Apr. 21, 1963Kentucky, PFC, US Army, World War II
Leslie Maurice BoltonApr. 3, 1952Dec. 12, 1996In Loving Memory; USMC SSGT; Beloved Son of Rev. H. E. & Emma Bolton
Sallie BowmanJan. 1, 1919May 3, 1969Kentucky, TEC 4, 9 WAC Hosp Co, World War II
Charles BrittonJune 15, 1889June 20, 1956Kentucky, PFC, Co A, 3 Development Bn, World War I
A G Brooks19091978CM1, US Navy, World War II
Charley J. Brown19141979TEC5, US Army, World War II
Will BrownJune 12, 1888Dec. 2, 1950Georgia, Pvt, 540 Engineers, World War I
Dora H. Butler18951981Pvt, US Army, World War I
Tony Demarco ButlerJan. 8, 1956Jan. 11, 1979Pvt, US Army
Wyatt CanteenJuly 9, 1891Jan. 21, 1954Kentucky, Pvt, O L 369 Infantry, World War I
James CarterAug. 9, 1897Nov. 11, 1949Kentucky, PFC, 372 AAF AVN SO, World War II
Robert ChampsJune 15, 1915June 27, 1952Kentucky, TEC 4, 399 QM Bn, World War II
William Champs19191974PFC, US Army
Charles ChisleyJan. 19, 1909Mar. 7, 1961Kentucky, PFC, 1550 SVC Comd Unit, World War II
James L. ChristopherJuly 29, 1917July 9, 1961Kentucky, Pvt, 1584 Svc Comd Unit, World War II
Robert F. ChristopherMay 10, 1922July 9, 1961Kentucky, PFC, HQ Btry, 93 Div Artillery, World War II
John L. ClayJuly 6, 1909May 24, 1953Kentucky, PFC, 3920 QM Gas Sup Co, World War II
Carl H. ClayborneFeb. 14, 1924Nov. 10, 1993PFC US Army World War II
Allen CollinsAug. 19, 1891Aug. 14, 1966Kentucky, PFC, Co G, 801 Pioneer Inf, World War I
Richard Collins, Sr.May 3, 1892Apr. 27, 1971Pvt, US Army, World War I
Roscoe Lee Dalton, Jr.Aug. 27, 1927Apr. 23, 1989Pvt, US Army, Korea
William DavisJune 10, 1889Nov. 20, 1966Kentucky, Pvt, Co G, 369 Infantry, World War I
William E. DunstonDec. 7, 1908Mar. 16, 1968Kentucky, TEC 5, 3523 Ord Truck Co, World War II
Boon EdwardsNov. 15, 1887Mar. 15, 1950Kentucky, Pvt, 515 Engineers, World War I
Willie J. Edwards19161979Sgt, US Army, World War II
David Fox, Jr.19211983S1, US Navy, World War II
Charles David GantNov. 27, 1908June 24, 1988US Army, World War II
William Howard GarnerJan. 31, 1917Feb. 24, 1974New Jersey, Pvt, US Army, World War II
John C. GarrettAug. 1, 1906Nov. 8, 1955Kentucky, PFC, Co G, 368 Infantry, World War II
Marvin Douglas GilbertSept. 1, 1952May 4, 1989US Air Force
Denny Lee GivensJan. 7, 1939Feb. 29, 1992US Army Reserves 1957-1965
George W. GraysonSept. 6, 1887July 7, 1963Kentucky, Cpl, 14 Co, 159 Depot Brigade, World War I
Artemus GriffinJune 26, 1895June 26, 1958Kentucky, Pvt, 801 Pioneer Inf, World War I
David HarrisSept. 26, 1891July 30, 1962Kentucky, Pvt, Co 8, 541 Engr Svc Bn, World War I
James M. HawkinsNov. 27, 1932Mar. 16, 1984 
Henry H. HickmanMar. 12, 1895May 14, 1948Kentucky, Pvt, 369 Inf, 93 Div, World War I
Charles P. HummonsMar. 8, 1890Jan. 1, 1949Kentucky, PVC 367 Inf, 92 Div, World War I
Oliver L. HummonsOct. 2, 1896Sept. 20, 1969Kentucky, Pvt, 19 Regt, FA Repl Depot, World War I
Harrison HurleyDec. 15, 1892May1[?], 1984Cpl US Army World War I
Thomas P. JacksonFeb. 9, 1899Jan. 18, 1963"Sweet Be Thy Sleep"
Gabe JohnsonAug. 11, 1892Sept. 30, 1948Kentucky, Pvt, 809 Pioneer Inf, World War I
Charlie JonesJan. 31, 1888June 11, 1953Kentucky, Cpl, 36 Const Co AS, World War I
James Lee JonesJuly 31, 1921July 9, 1959Kentucky, S1, USNR, World War II
Albert KirtleyApr. 17, 1894June 13, 1957Kentucky, PFC, Co B, 515 Svc Bn, Engr Corps, World War I
Brooks LewisApr. 18, 1891May 14, 1975Cpl, US Army
Sherman LewisJan. 27, 1895Sept. 23, 1963Kentucky, Pvt, US Army, World War I
Charles R. LittleJune 12, 1952Aug. 20, 1971Kentucky, SP4, US Army, Vietnam
Minor LocustMay 2, 1892Oct. 30, 1961Kentucky, Pvt, 549 Svc Bn, Engr Corps, World War I
Allen LongNov. 11, 1888Jan. 6, 1946Kentucky, Cpl, [?] Inf, [22?] Div.
Thomas E. MartinAug. 5, 1895Dec. 14, 1953Kentucky, Pvt, 317 Sanitary Tn, World War I
Ben MayseJuly 2, 1896Oct. 15, 1950Kentucky, Pvt, Engineers, World War I
George McCattinSept. 15, 1896Feb. 27, 1966Kentucky, Pvt, 62 Co, 159 Depot Brig, World War I
Charley MitchellOct. 7, 1891Apr. 2, 1955Kentucky, Sgt, Co F, 816 Pion Inf, World War I
Dan MitchellMay 24, 1889Nov. 25, 1954Kentucky, Pvt, 7 Co, 2 Dev Bn, World War I
Irvin MoranJan. 15, 1890Aug. 16, 1964Kentucky, Pvt, Co D, 532 Engr Svc Bn, World War I
Emmett H. NealeJan. 14, 1888Aug. 16, 1958Kentucky, Pvt, Co D, 532 Svc Bn, Engr Corps, World War I
John T. NicholsAug. 8, 1927Dec. 3, 1961Kentucky, PFC, Army Air Forces, World War II
George Porter19201974Martyn-Hurley funeral home marker
George Robert PorterFeb. 19, 1920Nov. 4, 1974Husband of Mazalee Porter
William E. PriceNov. 19, 1905Nov. 20, 1952Kentucky, SFC, 55 Ord, Ammunition Co, World War II
Harry Ray Mar. 3, 1942Indiana, Pvt 1 Cl, 567 Inf, 92 Div
Charles P. ReedDec. 15, 1886July 22, 1952Kentucky, Pvt, Co B, 411 Svc Bn Qmc, World War I
Rozell RileyJune 31, [sic] 1906Jan. 3, 1972Pvt, US Army, World War II
Frank SaundersJuly 10, 1893Mar. 30, 1980Kentucky, Cpl, US Army, World War I
Rochelle S. SidneyApr. 12, 1920Apr. 5, 1963Kentucky, Cpl, 3408 QM Truck Co, World War II
Lawrence Smarr19151978Sgt, US Army, World War II
Jesse SmithDec. 9, 1900Dec. 30, 1951Kentucky, Pvt, 3199 OM Service Co, World War II
John Elmer SmithMay 26, 1929Dec. 23, 1978PFC, US Army, Korea
John W. SmithMar. 3, 1894Aug. 19, 1967Kentucky, Pvt Co L, 365 Infantry, World War I
Cad SpeakerFeb. 2, 1897Dec. 14, 1969Kentucky, Pvt, US Army, World War I
William E. StewartJan. 13, 1922Nov. 11, 1983MSgt, US Army, World War II
Robinson SykesNov. 16, 1909June 22, 1969TEC5, US Army, World War II
Frank TallieDec. 12, 1919Mar. 10, 1946Kentucky, Pvt 1 Cl, 383 AAF Aviation SO
Ben TaylorJune 25, 1933Feb. 4, 1984Sgt, US Marine Corps, Korea
Jerry ThomasSept. 14, 1880Jan. 11, 1950Kentucky, Cpl, 48 US Vol Inf Band
Frank TiptonOct. 3, 1894Apr. 19, 1977Sgt, US Army, World War I
George WashingtonOct. 4, 1892June 15, 1949Kentucky, Pvt 532 Engrs, World War I
Matthew William19181978Stm, US Navy, World War II
James E. Williams Nov. 18, 1940Kentucky, Pvt 10 Cav.
Milton E. WilliamsMar. 16, 1928Nov. 5, 1952Kentucky, PFC, 159 Field Arty Bn, World War II
Kellie E. WilsonAug. 2, 1892Apr. 16, 1950Kentucky, PFC, 10 Cavalry, World War I
June WinnMay 1, 1891Dec. 27, 1966Kentucky, Pvt, 40 Co, 158 Depot Brig, World War I
Henry WinstonJune 15, 1908Mar. 21, 1970Kentucky, S2, USNR, World War II
Charles Young[illegible] 1876Sept. 18, 1945Kentucky, [?] Infantry

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