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?Forsyth Co., NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baugus, Dorthy Mabel  24 May 1916?Forsyth Co., NC I74135
2 Binkley, Daniel Oscar  1884?Forsyth Co., NC I110505
3 Burkhardt, Henry S.  Abt 1858?Forsyth Co., NC I72091
4 Carmichael, Martha Witt  ??Forsyth Co., NC I74326
5 Christmann, Abner  Abt 1815?Forsyth Co., NC I71904
6 Christmann, Albert  Abt 1825?Forsyth Co., NC I71905
7 Christmann, Henry  Abt 1835?Forsyth Co., NC I71906
8 Crim, Addie Victoria  2 May 1863?Forsyth Co., NC I72142
9 Fetter, Alice A.  Abt 1858?Forsyth Co., NC I72093
10 Harper, Edward M.  14 Nov 1853?Forsyth Co., NC I110950
11 Harper, Elizabeth J.  5 Jun 1842?Forsyth Co., NC I110945
12 Harper, Estelle  10 Mar 1888?Forsyth Co., NC I111015
13 Harper, Francis W. ("Frank")  8 May 1848?Forsyth Co., NC I110948
14 Harper, John Lifus  13 Oct 1840?Forsyth Co., NC I110944
15 Harper, Louisa C.  5 Jul 1855?Forsyth Co., NC I110951
16 Harper, Madison L.  16 Feb 1859?Forsyth Co., NC I110954
17 Harper, Mary A.  23 Oct 1843?Forsyth Co., NC I110946
18 Harper, Mary Elizabeth  18 Feb 1885?Forsyth Co., NC I111014
19 Harper, Sarah V.  26 Apr 1851?Forsyth Co., NC I110949
20 Harper, Thomas A.  6 May 1846?Forsyth Co., NC I110947
21 Ketner, Leonard William  1862?Forsyth Co., NC I72128
22 Ketner, Lucetta M.  26 Oct 1867?Forsyth Co., NC I72129
23 Ketner, Mary Catherine  1842?Forsyth Co., NC I72191
24 Shore-Fetter, Charles T.  Abt 1855?Forsyth Co., NC I72114
25 Shore-Fetter, Elizabeth Adelia  7 Oct 1859?Forsyth Co., NC I72115
26 Sizemore, Andrew  ??Forsyth Co., NC I74202
27 Sizemore, John  ??Forsyth Co., NC I74201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackerman, Ellen C.  ??Forsyth Co., NC I72019
2 Bennett, Harold  ??Forsyth Co., NC I74143
3 Binkley, Mary E.  Aft 1930?Forsyth Co., NC I110521
4 Binkley, Ruth A.  Aft 1930?Forsyth Co., NC I110522
5 Boyer, T. H.  1924?Forsyth Co., NC I72201
6 Brandon, William Franklin  15 Jan 1897?Forsyth Co., NC I72196
7 Bullard, John Sidney  11 Dec 1961?Forsyth Co., NC I111021
8 Bullard, John William  15 Feb 1944?Forsyth Co., NC I111020
9 Burkhardt, Mary Elisabeth  16 Aug 1937?Forsyth Co., NC I72090
10 Christmann, Albert  Aft 1850?Forsyth Co., NC I71905
11 Christmann, Henry  Aft 1850?Forsyth Co., NC I71906
12 Cromer, Clay  Aft 1900?Forsyth Co., NC I77378
13 , Elizabeth M.  Aft 1910?Forsyth Co., NC I111055
14 , Sarah L.  Aft 1920?Forsyth Co., NC I111048
15 Fetter, Peter Phillip  Aft 1862?Forsyth Co., NC I71375
16 Flynt, George Walter  Aft 1920?Forsyth Co., NC I111047
17 Flynt, T. L.  Between 1880 and 1910?Forsyth Co., NC I110973
18 Flynt, William E.  Aft 1910?Forsyth Co., NC I111054
19 Harper, Edward M.  7 Jul 1854?Forsyth Co., NC I110950
20 Harper, Elizabeth J.  25 Dec 1891?Forsyth Co., NC I110945
21 Harper, Ida E.  9 Jun 1947?Forsyth Co., NC I110955
22 Harper, Madison L.  25 Mar 1885?Forsyth Co., NC I110954
23 Harper, Samuel A.  Aft 1860?Forsyth Co., NC I110952
24 Harper, Virginia Lenora ("Jennie")  17 Jan 1954?Forsyth Co., NC I111001
25 Hauser, Moses  21 Jun 1870?Forsyth Co., NC I110713
26 Hauser, Walter Emanuel  30 Nov 1935?Forsyth Co., NC I111238
27 Holder, Anna  1889?Forsyth Co., NC I110959
28 Holder, Susannah  ??Forsyth Co., NC I72215
29 Kiger, Elizabeth Emiline  Aft 1870?Forsyth Co., NC I74275
30 Kreeger, Lora Lee  ??Forsyth Co., NC I111122
31 Macey, Brenda  ??Forsyth Co., NC I74126
32 Moser, Elizabeth  Aft 1860?Forsyth Co., NC I74018
33 Oehman, Johann Gottfried  Aft 1850?Forsyth Co., NC I72085
34 Pfaff, Philip Gideon  23 Aug 1932?Forsyth Co., NC I71969
35 Reich, Henry C.  ??Forsyth Co., NC I72151
36 Reuz, Johanna Elisabeth  Bef 1850?Forsyth Co., NC I72086
37 Ruede, Gottlieb Herman  Aft 1850?Forsyth Co., NC I72081
38 Stockburger, Sarah Louisa  Aft 1860?Forsyth Co., NC I71355
39 Weir, Henry  Aft 1910?Forsyth Co., NC I110750
40 Westmoreland, Luther Simon  Aft 1930?Forsyth Co., NC I112483


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ackerman / Lee  ??Forsyth Co., NC F27769
2 Ackerman / Veach  1894?Forsyth Co., NC F27773
3 Banner / Baker  Bef 1909?Forsyth Co., NC F42797
4 Banner /   Bef 1866?Forsyth Co., NC F42794
5 Bennett / Kiger  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28576
6 Binkley /   Bef 1893?Forsyth Co., NC F42234
7 Binkley /   Bef 1903?Forsyth Co., NC F42212
8 Binkley /   Bef 1919?Forsyth Co., NC F42249
9 Binkley /   Bef 1927?Forsyth Co., NC F42297
10 Binkley / Johnson  Bef 1917?Forsyth Co., NC F42291
11 Binkley / Weir  Bef 1910?Forsyth Co., NC F42275
12 Boles / Fulp  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28585
13 Boles / Williams  Aft 1920?Forsyth Co., NC F28592
14 Boles / Ziglar  Aft 1908?Forsyth Co., NC F28591
15 Borger / Collins  Bef 1914?Forsyth Co., NC F42423
16 Borger / Doub  ??Forsyth Co., NC F42424
17 Borger / Kreeger  ??Forsyth Co., NC F42422
18 Branson /   Bef 1868?Forsyth Co., NC F42324
19 Bullard / Sheets  Bef 1911?Forsyth Co., NC F42393
20 Christmann / Holeman  ??Forsyth Co., NC F27701
21 Cox / Fulk  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28551
22 Doub / Newsom  Bef 1867?Forsyth Co., NC F42466
23 Doub / Sprinkle  Bef 1900?Forsyth Co., NC F42455
24 Dull /   Bef 1926?Forsyth Co., NC F42252
25 Flynt /   Bef 1895?Forsyth Co., NC F42395
26 Flynt /   Bef 1905?Forsyth Co., NC F42398
27 Flynt /   Bef 1926?Forsyth Co., NC F42397
28 Fulp / Kiger  19 Jun 1928?Forsyth Co., NC F28556
29 Griffin / Hartgrove  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28579
30 Grubbs / Bennett  ?Forsyth Co., NC F42345
31 Harper /   ??Forsyth Co., NC F42356
32 Harper /   Bef 1921?Forsyth Co., NC F42392
33 Hartgrove / Hunter  ??Forsyth Co., NC F42529
34 Hartgrove / Kiger  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28578
35 Hartgrove / Westmoreland  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28581
36 Hauser / Graham  Bef 1912?Forsyth Co., NC F42341
37 Hauser / Kreeger  ??Forsyth Co., NC F42401
38 Hauser / Welfare  Bef 1887?Forsyth Co., NC F42336
39 Hunter / Doub  5 Jun 1884?Forsyth Co., NC F42517
40 Ingram / Fulk  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28548
41 Jarvis / Boyer  Bef 1856?Forsyth Co., NC F27819
42 Kiger / Baugus  Aft 1938?Forsyth Co., NC F28572
43 Kiger /   Bef 1916?Forsyth Co., NC F42857
44 Kiger / Flippin  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28560
45 Kiger / New  Aft 1956?Forsyth Co., NC F28573
46 Kiger / Snow  Bef 1930?Forsyth Co., NC F28558
47 Kiger / Weaver  17 Sep 1923?Forsyth Co., NC F28554
48 Kreeger / Shore  Bef 1877?Forsyth Co., NC F42430
49 Kreeger / Watts  Bef 1915?Forsyth Co., NC F42426
50 Loggins / Fulk  ??Forsyth Co., NC F28549

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Hauser / Kreeger  ??Forsyth Co., NC F42401

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